What Is Your Opinion Of Atticus Parenting Style

What Is Your Opinion Of Atticus Parenting Style – The final decision rests with that person. This leader can act as he wishes during the decision-making process because he will ultimately make the final decision. People are expected to obey authority and this can sometimes lead to strength.

Children are expected to follow strict rules set by their parents. Failure to follow these rules usually results in punishment. Authoritarian parents cannot explain the reasoning behind these rules. If asked to explain, the parent can simply reply, “Because I said that.” These parents have high demands, but they don’t respond to their children.

What Is Your Opinion Of Atticus Parenting Style

What Is Your Opinion Of Atticus Parenting Style

5 Democrat Encourages the contribution of all group members and respects all opinions The main goal is to ensure that there is a group discussion and that all members have the opportunity to express their ideas If a consensus is impossible, they should vote.

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7 Democratic parenting Like authoritarian parents, those with an authoritarian parenting style set rules and guidelines that their children should follow. However, this parenting style is much more democratic. Authoritative parents are sensitive to their children and willing to listen to questions. When children fail to meet expectations, these parents are more caring and forgiving than punitive. Their disciplinary methods are supportive rather than punitive. They want their children to be confident, socially responsible, self-regulating and cooperative.

A Policy of Non-Interference Like this type of leader, you don’t want to impose on others or violate another person’s rights. in front of the group as they may interpret your actions as involvement in decision making Results in the least amount of productivity among members

Permissive parents, sometimes called permissive parents, make very few demands on their children. These parents rarely discipline their children because they have relatively low expectations of maturity and self-control. They are unconventional and kind, do not require mature behavior, allow for considerable self-regulation, and avoid confrontation.Missive parents are generally polite and communicative with their children, often assuming the status of friends rather than parents.

To make this website work, we record user data and share it with processors. To use this website, you must accept our Privacy Policy, including our cookie policy. Fathers are important role models who raise and educate their children with great love. A good father is a man who protects and cares for his children, who disciplines his children, and who tries to educate them to know the difference between right and wrong. Fathers must always be there for their children to help and comfort them.1 According to Nicky Marone, author of How To Father A Successful Daughter, there are four types of fathers.

Atticus Finch Character From To Kill A Mockingbird Free Essay Example

They are: the authoritarian, the kind, the protector and the friend. The authoritarian father is usually disciplinary and very controlling. This person is uncompromising and whatever he says is fine. The kind father is very much loved by his daughter, but he is extremely easy to manipulate.

He is controlled by his children and somehow spoils them by letting them do what they want and taking what they want. This kind of father doesn’t know how to say, no.

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What Is Your Opinion Of Atticus Parenting Style

The protective father tries to protect his children from harm. But by holding them back, this type of father prevents his children from reaching their full potential. The last type of father is the friend. This type of father tries to create a friendship between himself and his children. By being more of a friend than a father, this person shows his children that they are equal and worthy individuals. This type of father is the closest to being on the right track.

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2_________________________________1 Abby, Scott. What Makes a Man a Good Father? [Internet] June 19, 2005. December 1, 2006 2 Nicky Marone, How to father a successful daughter. (New York: Ballantine Books, 1982), 22-24.

In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch is portrayed as a great father because he acts as an educator, treats people equally, and allows his children to develop their own personalities by giving them more freedom. Atticus is considered a friendly parent who shows a lot of love to his children.

In addition to being a lawyer, Atticus also serves as Jem and Scout’s educator. One of the ways he educates them is to pass on the lessons he has learned in his own life. But Atticus doesn’t just follow these lessons; he puts them in terms that Jem and Scout can understand. An example of this is when Atticus teaches Scout a very important moral lesson and expresses it in language that is easy for Scout to understand. You never truly understand a person until you look at things from their point of view, until you put yourself in their shoes and walk in them.2 This is a crucial piece of advice that influences Scout’s development for the rest of the novel.

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Scout struggles to put Atticus ‘advice into practice, but by the end of the novel she is finally able to see things from Boo Radley’s point of view, which allows her to comply with Atticus’ advice and ensures that she will not tire while she loses her she innocence. Another way Atticus educates Scout is to teach him to read at an early age. By teaching him to read early, Scout becomes an excellent reader. In fact, she is so good that Miss Caroline Fisher, Scout’s first grade teacher, tells Scout to stop reading with Atticus because she is too __________________3 Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird. (New York: Warner Books, Inc., 1982), 30.

Advanced for his age. Scout gets mad at Miss Caroline and tells Atticus that she doesn’t want to go back to school. But Atticus encourages her to go back to school and get an education because he loves her enough to see that education would be important to her in the future. As you can see, Atticus cares a lot about the future of his children and by raising them shows the reader that he loves his children very much. Atticus is a good father because he educates his children, but he is also a good father because he is committed to equality.

Unlike most parents in the Maycombian Society, Atticus is committed to equality in all forms. Throughout the book, Atticus treats Jem and Scout as equals. He acts as if he is no better than them and, in doing so, builds a stronger relationship between himself and his children, allowing them to bond on better terms. This is evident when Atticus allows Jem and Scout to call him by name, instead of father or dad. In this way he shows that he would like things to be the same and right. If he allowed them to call him father, he would imply that he is better than them and that is not what Atticus wants. In reality he is the exact opposite of what he wants.

What Is Your Opinion Of Atticus Parenting Style

But at the same time, Atticus also realizes that he should be the father figure and tries to set an example for Jem and Scout. Before Jem looks at someone else, he looks at me, and I tried to live so I could look at him completely. 4 Atticus is saying that Jem turns to him for advice and sees him as a role model, and Atticus takes that into account every day, with every action that _____________________4 Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird. (New York: Warner Books, Inc., 1982), 273.

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He does. This is because he knows that if he makes a big mistake, Jem and Scout will stand by and may have bad ideas and even make the same mistake. So Atticus tries to live his life and treat people fairly and as equally as possible. In addition, Atticus is also committed to racial equality. Some ways he demonstrates this is when he allows his children to attend church in Calpurnia and also allows Calpurnia (a black woman) to raise her children.

In this way, Atticus is sending a message to the reader that he believes in racial equality and that he doesn’t judge people just by the color of their skin or their culture. He also defends Tom Robinson (a black male) and his rights as he tries to get the court to grant him a fair trial. In this way, Atticus shows that he has no prejudice and treats every person, regardless of color, race or culture, as his own. As you can see, Atticus treats everyone

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