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Ture Moms Blog Green And Natural Parenting – When Nori was about a year old, her mother visited her and kindly offered to put her down for a nap. I was in the other room, but I heard them reading books, singing songs, then as she gently closed the door, I heard my mother say, “Goodnight Nori. I love you.”

It hit me. Not so weird or forced, but just…completely foreign to my ears. I have never heard these three words spoken by my parents in any language before. Growing up, neither of them told either of my siblings – it just wasn’t the way we talked. I knew they loved me, but as immigrant parents, they showed it to me in their own way.

Ture Moms Blog Green And Natural Parenting

Ture Moms Blog Green And Natural Parenting

I grew up in a home of tiger parents and I know from readers’ messages that this is something many of you know. Hugs and kisses were as rare as spending the night with friends (I mean… never happened). “Conversations” were mostly one-way lectures or screaming duels that ended abruptly with “don’t say anything!” because your parents are never wrong. There were a lot of rules and a lot of learning. And by learning I mean homework done by parents, not for school. While my friends were at the movies, I was at home memorizing my dad’s daily PSAT vocabulary.

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Our relationship was such that my parents were not the first people I went to with good or bad news. I couldn’t wait to leave home, move to a new city to study and start my own path. Still, even later in life, I felt disappointed that I wouldn’t give them bragging rights about going to an Ivy League school or becoming a doctor or a lawyer like such a kid.

But now, as a mother, I look at my upbringing from a different perspective. And step by step, being on the other side allowed me to slowly work on strengthening my relationship with my parents. The question that keeps bothering me is: How can I pass on to my own children the values ​​and work ethic they passed on, while allowing my children to feel comfortable expressing their emotions, thoughts and fears in a way that who i never was

I know part of it is understanding and appreciating where their kind of tough love comes from. They were immigrants who uprooted their lives to come here with all their possessions in two suitcases. They landed in downtown Philadelphia, studied hard during the day and paid their rent at night by working in corner stores and behind shrimp restaurants. While our generation has many non-linear paths to success, in a world where they knew there was only one clearly defined path, all they did was prepare me for it. And the most important thing is that they did everything in their power. Because of all the sacrifices they made, the risks they took and the risks they didn’t take I have the privilege of raising my children here and even reflecting on that.

Many people have told me that when you become a parent, everything will come naturally. “Trust your instincts… You’ll just know what to do.” But for me it’s something I consciously work on every day. I only know the type of parent I grew up with. And while I truly respect and appreciate my parents for raising me this way, I hope to find a new balance with my children that is right for who they are and where our lives are now.

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A few years ago, I voiced these concerns and questions out loud and received some great advice from readers that I saved. I refer to some of these words often and wanted to pass on the ones that really stood out to me.

1. Listen to the little things I tell you now and one day they will be more important.

More than anything, I want to be a safe, reliable place that my child can call or talk to first if something is wrong. Growing up, my fear of immediate punishment would override my desire to tell the truth or just share and talk about things in general. As several of you have said, being able to hear ANY kind of message from your child without reacting immediately will have a big impact on your relationship with each other.

Ture Moms Blog Green And Natural Parenting

This advice has stuck with me too, because often in our busy day-to-day lives glued to our screens, it’s easy to ignore something little kids are trying to tell you. When for them, in their mind, what they want to tell you is very important.

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As for how to talk to them in more important situations, I also found this advice very helpful: try to see the world through their eyes and then react as a parent.

As we navigate toddler behavior and tantrums, a common thread in almost all of the parenting advice I’ve read is that toddlers crave boundaries. They may enjoy pushing these boundaries and limitations over and over again, but at the end of the day, they feel safer when they know their caregivers are ruling the roost tightly and decisively.

This advice hit the nail on the head – although I know the constant comparisons and talking about the accomplishments of my “cut kid” and even my siblings were meant to be motivating, for me it was the opposite. To this day, I’m not sure if my parents are proud of me. However, now that I’m a mom, it’s so easy for me to fall into a subtle, subconscious comparison game, even at an early stage (seeing other kids walking earlier, having shorter conversations, being more sociable at kindergarten…) .

Thanks to the advice you shared, I’m more aware of not putting my kids in front of others (ie “oh, she’s just shy”) because they always listen and can start to believe how you define them, whether it’s that or not . untrue.

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It’s been mentioned a lot and frankly a very strange idea given my upbringing. I have practiced this in my marriage relationship and make sure I apologize and admit when I am wrong in both small and big things!

5. Don’t let your own expectations of who you want to be get in the way of standing up for who you really are

While this is a little less tangible and more long-term, it resonates the deepest with me and is something I hope to continue to remember in this lifelong parenting journey.

Ture Moms Blog Green And Natural Parenting

Whether you’re coming from a parenting or child experience, feel free to share tips that have really stuck with you or that have become part of your parenting journey! The commander in the parental war is a great mother – Nature. Nothing synthetic is delicate enough for our precious bundles, the way our ancestors did it all is romantic, and Mother Earth reigns supreme.

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“If you were on an island and you didn’t have a mother-in-law, psychologists, doctors or experts, you would do it naturally and instinctively to give your child the best investment,” said a leading advocate of intimate parenting. Dr. William Sears in 2012 (When it comes to the natural parenting movement, proximity parenting is king…or maybe a queen is most appropriate).

With early roots in attachment theory, originally based on primate research and observations of cultures in developing countries, those who follow nature education refer to vaguely non-Western traditions, whether widely practiced or proven to be beneficial. Much of what people consider “natural parenting” is not really what nature “intended” or what indigenous peoples did, but is a romanticized version of natural.

100-year-old pregnant mothers were often given a combination of pain-relieving and amnesia-inducing drugs, known as “twilight birth.” The newborn was given to a mother who did not remember giving birth to him. Hailed at the time as ushering in a “new era” of obstetrics, this method is now seen as misogynistic and paternalistic. But the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, and today’s expectations of women about to give birth are no less slanderous than they were a hundred years ago.

In almost all cultures, a healthy baby and a healthy mother are the most important outcomes of birth. Not necessarily in the natural parenting movement. In the case of natural parenting, the “birth experience” reigns supreme, although it’s unclear whether it’s really about the benefits for mother and baby or bragging rights. The rules of natural birth include avoiding contractions, but the most important thing is not to use an epidural to relieve pain.

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“Women are naturally capable of birth, have a deep, intuitive birthing instinct and, when supported and caressed freely, are able to give birth without intervention and without suffering,” writes Judith Lothian in

Lamaze International Publication (most people do not know that Lamaze has communist roots when the Soviet Union could not afford to distribute

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