In this post, we will tell you what to say in your interview to pass! There are 10 things you must say to make the hiring manager want to hire you – we will tell you what those 10 things are. So, if you have a job interview coming up soon for any role or company, keep reading because we will help you be the successful candidate!


#1 is to say THANK YOU!

At the beginning of your interview, when you start answering the question, TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF… say this:

 “THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed for the position with your company.”

 This is a brilliant thing to say because it shows you have good manners. Every hiring manager is looking for a candidate who has good manners.

#2 is to say the words ‘GREATEST RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT.’

 As part of your answer to the interview question, WHY SHOULD WE HIRE YOU? Say this…

“You should hire me because I promise to give you the GREATEST RETURN on your investment!”

That is a powerful thing to say in an interview because a company must be profitable to be successful. If you are focused in your work on what you can do to ensure the business sees a great return from the salary they are paying you, you are more likely to get hired! 

#3. The third thing you should say in a job interview is you are FRUGAL!

Someone who is frugal doesn’t waste money or company supplies. When answering the interview question, what are your greatest strengths? Say this…

 “One of my strengths is that I am FRUGAL. I will be efficient with company supplies and resources to help you save money and increase profits.”

We can almost guarantee you will be the only candidate to say you’re FRUGAL, and it will definitely impress the hiring manager!

#4. The next brilliant thing to say in a job interview is that you will be FLEXIBLE AND ADAPTABLE.

The best employees are the ones who don’t stick rigidly to their job description or working hours. The best employees are the ones who will help the company when needed by taking on duties outside of their job remit, and working additional ‘paid-for’ hours if the company is facing difficult challenges or problems.

 #5. Number 5 on our list of great things to say in a job interview is that you have RESEARCHED their company

Most candidates don’t carry out any research before their interview, but this tells the hiring manager they are only interested in a pay check. When the interviewer says to you, why do you want to work for us, say something like this:

“I want to work for you because my RESEARCH tells me you are a forward-thinking, innovative, and caring employer who supports its employees to reach their full potential. You push the boundaries of innovation to meet the needs of your customers, and you are ethically and socially responsible.”

#6. The sixth thing to say in your job interview is “Let me tell you about a time when I…”

Telling stories in your interview of when you performed a difficult task, worked under pressure, solved a problem, delivered excellent service, and worked in a team is a great way to increase your chances of success. Telling stories also provides the hiring manager with EVIDENCE of how you meet the criteria listed in the job description.

If you would like to download some examples of how to answer difficult behavioural and situational questions that enable you to tell great stories in an interview, click the link in the top-right hand corner of the video when you are ready!

 #7. The seventh thing to say in an interview is that your WEAKNESS is not a match for the job description.

I can guarantee the interviewer will ask you the question, WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST WEAKNESS? Whatever you do, do not give a weakness that is a match for the role you have applied for. Here’s what we would say in response to that difficult interview question…

“My biggest weakness is saying yes. I find it hard to say no to people, which sometimes results in me taking on too many responsibilities. However, I am mindful of my weakness, trying to improve, and am confident it is not a match for the job description.”

#8. The eighth of our twelve powerful things to say in your job interview is that you will TAKE OWNERSHIP OF CHALLENGES AND PROBLEMS.

This statement is music to a hiring manager’s ears! The majority of employees shy away from difficult challenges and problems – they wait for their manager to deal with them. However, the best employees are the ones who take ownership of problems when they occur, and do all they can to resolve them.

Furthermore, If you can give an example of when you took ownership of a difficult challenge or problem either at work or in your personal life, then even better!

#9. The ninth best thing to say in a job interview is that you are EXCITED ABOUT THE OPPORTUNITY!

Do not underestimate the importance of positivity and enthusiasm in an interview. They are contagious traits! When the interviewer asks you the question, why do you want this job, say this:

“I want this job because I am EXCITED ABOUT THE OPPORTUNITY. My skills and qualities are a great match for the job description, I can hit the ground running in the role, and I am confident I can make a real difference to your company in this role.”

#10. The tenth thing to say in an interview is that you have some questions to ask at the end.

The majority of interviewees say they don’t have any questions because the hiring manager covered everything in the interview. That is a mistake.

Make sure you ask 3 smart questions that showcase your caring and enthusiastic nature.

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