The Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle

The Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle – “Just wait until it happens to you. May be. And it will bring you to your knees in all your righteousness.

It’s funny how a blog post on how to teach kids to be kind to each other can sometimes get such nasty responses!

The Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle

The Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle

My stepdaughter Lil was then 7 years old, and in the same year our family just had a child.

Positive Parenting Phrases To Empower Your Child

However, I have certain beliefs, and this is something that I feel very strongly. And I want you to know that after 6 years our kids (now 3) STILL don’t say those three words…

As a teenager, I’m pretty sure I told my mom that I really hated her. Of course, that’s not what I meant. I just said it to hurt her feelings.

I know I would be devastated if my kids told me they hate me. Therefore, I decided to remove these three words from our vocabulary and from our homes.

I’m sure our girls won’t say they hate us because my husband and I don’t say that to each other.

The Birth Of Qamom

I’m not going to claim that I’m perfect and that I’ve never stumbled, because of course I did! But only in private. (A car is a great place to ventilate!)

I try not to even say the word “hate” in front of girls, because I know that they listen to everything that comes out of our mouths, even if they seem not to pay attention to it.

I’m sure our girls have heard other kids talking inappropriately or using foul language – didn’t we all learn “foul language” in school?

The Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle

From time to time, children will test the water at home to see our reaction – a gentle but firm reminder is enough to remind us that certain words are not acceptable in our home.

How Inuit Parents Raise Kids Without Yelling — And Teach Them To Control Anger

Even though it was so innocent and I wanted to laugh, I insisted that my then 7 year old daughter find the best way to express her love for her beloved Frozen princess.

I may be dating myself, but I remember when Ozzy Osbourne’s reality show first aired and I was amazed at how they ALWAYS cursed each other. It didn’t matter much to them, but it was something we just didn’t do in my house, and it carried me into adulthood (minus those few rebellious years).

It is important for my husband and I to speak respectfully and without obscene language, so we hope that by setting an example for each other, this will “take root” among the girls.

I mean, I hope not… but it’s the teenage years, so who knows. My girls are my people, whose feelings and opinions may not always coincide with mine.

How Teens Today Are Different From Past Generations

I know that my husband and I have laid the foundation to speak kindly. And I hope that after seeing our example, my girls will also choose kindness.

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The Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle

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The Relentlessness Of Modern Parenting

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The Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle

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The Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle

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The Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle

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