Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle

Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle – What happens when we stop saying NO so often and start saying YES to our children. Because one day is good for the whole family.

We are all busy: work, school, children’s activities, church, family, cooking, cleaning…the list goes on. We have so much to do and no time to do it!

Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle

Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle

When you’re on a tight schedule or in the middle of a chore and your child asks you to stop playing, your knee-jerk reaction usually says something.

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I’m not saying bad things will happen, but what happens when the time is gone? Maybe he won’t ask again.

I do not recommend that every time your child asks you to play, you drop everything and jump in at that second. It’s okay if you have boundaries or get things done (like putting dinner on the stove).

But you can change it! Try saying “yes” when you usually say “later” or “maybe”. I promise your child’s reaction will be worth it!

I don’t want to have a “yes day” and I don’t tell my kids what I do…

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While I was working on my laptop, my little boy ran up with his arms around me, and in a pleading tone he yelled, “PEEAASEE?”

Today I say “YES”. I closed my computer and pressed hard. She giggled and jumped on his lap with joy. All he wanted was to be close to his mother. One word – YES – made him very happy at that time.

In the evening, the girls asked if we could stop at the playground. It had rained that Sunday and the floor was still a little wet, and we still had to go home for dinner.

Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle

At night, my oldest daughter asks for a bedtime story. It’s getting late. It was a little past bedtime. I’m tired. I thought in my head:

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His face lit up – he didn’t expect that answer. One chapter and ten minutes bring great joy to the end of the day.

I was so happy to say yes that day. It made me realize how much I have missed the day when I said “next”.

See, your “yes day” doesn’t have to be like a movie! You don’t have to make big plans, travel, spend a lot of money or do big things.

It takes 5 minutes. Get down on the floor and roll. Read one more book at bedtime. Say “yes” more often.

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Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle

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Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle

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Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle

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Soccer Mom Blog Parenting Positive Lifestyle

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