Progressive Parenting Podcast

Progressive Parenting Podcast – These episodes are a two-way exploration of ways we can better align our progressive values ​​with everyday parenting practices in moments of conflict with children. We bring your real-life problems to life as we explore how you can use forces beyond your control; shameless tools based on research and consensus that interrupt inherited legacies of trauma and do not perpetuate racism and patriarchy. Besides, everything is alone

. As privileged white women, we feel this work is our responsibility and we appreciate you training with us!

Progressive Parenting Podcast

Progressive Parenting Podcast

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At Parenting Survival Podcast: Parenting

We are Hannah & Kelty – twins, mothers and works in the making. Through podcasts, speaking events, and private coaching, we help parents align their daily discipline practices with their greatest values. We’re here to help you use unchecked power—respectful tools that protect our children’s freedoms and strengthen their skills and hearts. Let’s show and breed!

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LIVE QUESTION SERIES // How children learn best + how we build cooperation + support our children’s resistance to shame!

LIVE Q&A SERIES // Why We All Need Parenting Advice + Ways to Support Your Child’s Anxiety, Aggression & Anxiety!

New ‘serial’ Podcast ‘nice White Parents’ Does The Work Of Anti Racism

LIVE QUESTION SERIES // The six best roles we strive to embody as parents! A conversation with Your Parenting Mojo’s Jen Lumanlani

GUEST SERIES // H+K on the 3 in 30 podcast – 3 tools to support parents and newborn siblings

LIVE QUESTION AND ANSWER SERIES // Stool resistance, 2-year-old doesn’t listen, runs away, children’s big emotions, anxiety + tantrum

Progressive Parenting Podcast

LIVE QUESTION & ANSWER SERIES // Durability of chores, mess, sibling consent, body safety + last chance for small group coaching in February!

S1,e3) Unconditional Parenting Alfie Kohn — Radical Honesty

LIVE QUESTION AND ANSWER SERIES // Raising Resilient Kids, Big Emotions in Transition, Judging Kids, Protesting Toddlers, Holding Boundaries with Our RESIST Approach! Cindy Wang Brandt helps parents heal religious trauma, break toxic cycles, and raise children with healthy spirituality and informed citizenship. He is an author, speaker and conference host who is committed to helping parents raise their children for a better world. The Parenting Forward Podcast features interviews with thought leaders from spaces of progressive faith and non-belief, resources for creating better practices for parenting and living with children. We believe that parenting is revolutionary, that we can change the world by changing the way we parent. Join us!

“I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I am so grateful to hear these conversations that inform my decisions as a parent. There isn’t one or a few right ways to parent. This podcast shows us how to get to know ourselves and our children so that we can be emotionally present and create…”Read full review »

“As a religious parent who wants to raise spiritual children without negative messages and baggage from my own upbringing and childhood, I was happy to see this resource. I love being introduced to new authors, speakers, and thinkers who can help me expose my children to different…”Read full review »

“Full disclosure – I’m a guest on one episode. Cindy works hard to amplify the voices of marginalized and underrepresented groups. It focuses on how we can raise our children with acceptance and tenderness to be fully loved people. She sets a great example for parents, educators,…”Read full review »

Funniest Podcasts For Moms

I’m taking a break from podcasts to focus on me, my family, and my next book. Thank you for your support over the years and goodbye now! Links (includes affiliates): Parenting After Religious Trauma – …

Summer is a busy time in the church. Lots of family activities going on, childcare and of course VBS. With VBS season approaching, I thought it would be a good time to discuss whether or not to send your child to VBS. More, I Want… with Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster informs and inspires parents and professionals who guide complex children into capable, independent adults. The podcast will:

A child who is most comfortable in the world of games is not necessarily wasting his life. How can we turn this interest into a way to teach life skills and maybe find a career goal in the world of programming?

Progressive Parenting Podcast

Dan Clark runs MindJam – an online mentoring and guidance service for children struggling with PIP, anxiety, stress and social issues; through gameplay and game design.

You The Mom! • A Podcast On Anchor

He founded this during the pandemic and less than 2 years later he has 16 mentors supporting over 400 young people and still growing.

MindJam uses gaming, coding and game creation, digital music and digital art as a platform to develop positive play, problem solving and social and technical skills through friendly, positive and low-key sessions.

In 2021, Dan was nominated as a BAFTA Mentor of the Year finalist. As a father of two autistic children who fully understands how PIP affects the whole family, Dan has created a business that has helped so many young people and with dedication and passion he ensures that MindJam grows and supports as many people as possible, try it out. as hard as they can. MindJam is based in the UK, but also supports young people in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many other places around the world!

Listen to this interesting episode of Parenting With Impact with Dan about the benefits of gaming for connecting with children who struggle to interact and participate in the normal world.

Podcasts For Faith Development

Episode 051: When School Says No… How to Get a Yes! dr. Vaughn K. Lauer

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Progressive Parenting Podcast

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Progressive Parenting Podcast

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Best Podcasts For New Moms

Raising children means dealing with new and unexpected situations almost every day. As our children grow, their needs, wishes and behavior change so quickly that we don’t always know how to act in certain situations.

So it could be great to listen and learn from parenting experts or more experienced parents

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