Potted Plant Parenting

Potted Plant Parenting – While the term “plant nutrition” may be new to some of us, it’s not really new. It’s not raising a child or taking care of your pet, but it’s nurturing and meeting the needs of something other than yourself. It’s about responsibility. With that in mind, it’s important to do a little research before you start growing potted plants. Like pets or children, you want your plant to have the best possible life.

Being a plant parent means running to the store and buying a random plant to bring home. Also, it is unwise to order one online before knowing more about the responsibility you are taking on. There are considerations you need to take into account first. Preparation is key.

Potted Plant Parenting

Potted Plant Parenting

This cannot be emphasized enough and I speak from experience. When I first became a “plant parent”, many moons ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I start growing plants without thinking about their specific needs – no wonder this leads to heartbreak.

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First it was toilet paper and alcohol wipes. Then it was hair dye, then flour and yeast.

During the coronavirus pandemic, people cleaned out their shelves for the basics they needed. Next, the things they need to entertain themselves, who knew they would rush to make bread at home? In the third wave, people looked around their homes, which were now their offices and their children’s schools, and realized that something important was missing.

The Good Earth Company has been hearing from our friends who run nurseries and from my fellow gardeners across the United States that there is a rush for houseplants. Professional gardeners and gardeners are asked many questions to solve plant problems. There is also a race on seeds.

Potted Plant Parenting

Here’s another reason I know there are many new plant parents: Since I started my blog in 2012 our blog posts with advice on caring for your plants suddenly have a large number of readers, people need help answering questions and they get their answers. Here. We’re happy to help!

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Want to know what they’re reading? Here are the top six posts from the past two months:

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And… your questions about moss walls are answered. I’m not sure if people put a grass wall in their house, but if you’re interested you know where to find us!

No big surprise really. People have an emotional relationship with nature. This is the science of biophilia. They’re drawn to the garden because they’re relaxing, and they’re trying to find a quiet, productive activity to occupy themselves — as well as improve their surroundings.

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Growing plants at home is already growing in popularity, especially among millennials. Before the coronavirus kept most of us indoors, people were buying house plants and office plants in record numbers. But still, disaster is increasing the popularity of the plant.

If there is one positive outcome of this disease, it is our newfound appreciation and embrace of nature. When we lost our connection with nature, we experienced it and took action to come within ourselves.

I think people will continue this trend once things return to “normal”, however that is defined. I hope you take home the plant you enjoyed while working from home and bring it back to the office. Talk to your boss and co-workers – aren’t you happy to be back at work in a healthy, relaxed environment? If you need any help, feel free to refer to this blog post, or this one, or maybe even this one.

Potted Plant Parenting

Let us know how we can support you – we at Good Earth Plant Company are enriching the lives of planters! Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home improvement and DIY. Tried, true, trusted home advice

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15 Basics for the Beginner Plant Parent: What New Plant Owners Need Keep your new plants alive and thriving with these must-have tools and products.

If you’re new to houseplant care, it’s easy (and common) to feel overwhelmed. Sure, you know plants need water, air, soil, and sunlight, but do you know the best ways to help your plants grow?

The products shown below can take some of the guesswork out of plant care and prevent you from making some common indoor gardening mistakes. These 15 must-have tools and accessories will help keep your plants healthy so you can officially and proudly call yourself a plant guardian.

An excellent self-reporter according to our experts, this pot is a great solution for busy people or those who fear forgetting to water their plants. Available in four sizes and five colors, the unique design includes a water reservoir large enough to store water for two weeks to keep it green and green. In testing, we like how easy it is to use and how well it keeps the soil moist.

How To Repurpose Old Planters And Pots

A soil meter is an invaluable tool for any plant parent to ensure your plants are not over- or under-watered. With over 4,500 reviews on Amazon, it monitors sunlight levels as well as moisture and soil pH levels. Pull the knob to indicate the reading you want to take and place the meter in the soil. It works quickly to detect the level and display the scale reading on the top of the meter.

When you have hanging plants or other plants that have leaves that don’t stay wet, long-term watering is necessary. It offers two watering systems to meet the needs of all indoor and outdoor plants – one for continuous water flow and one for watering plants through a detachable shower hose. It comes in four trendy colors and has a ½-gallon capacity, which thousands of Amazon shoppers say is just the right amount.

Along with a watering can, beginning plant owners should pick up a few spray bottles, like this highly rated pair. They are used to clean succulents, herbs and other small plants. Each water bottle is made from BPA-free lead-free colored glass, so you can be sure your precious greens are getting the ultimate care.

Potted Plant Parenting

Some plants will survive with or without you, orchids, ferns, philodendrons and others grow best in humid climates. Even if you live in a dry climate, you can still keep your plants happy and healthy by using a cooler humidifier. A top pick in our research guide to the best cordless humidifiers, this model offers 24 hours of continuous operation. Our experts highlighted the 360-degree rotation of single and dual-mist as one of the humidifier’s key features—it guides the mist flow.

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A humidity monitor like the ThermoPro Digital Hygrometer can help you monitor humidity levels to provide optimal cooling for your plants. This monitor updates readings every 10 seconds, so you can be confident you’re seeing the latest data. Named one of the best hygrometers by our experts, top features include an easy-to-read touch screen, highly accurate readings, and three different mounting options.

Don’t let your plants struggle for sunlight through the window with this tall plant stand. With nine different sections, you will enjoy plenty of space to place many sun-loving plants near the same window. Nearly 1,500 Amazon customers have given this product a 5-star rating for its durability, budget-friendly price, and easy-to-follow assembly process.

Prevent insects from destroying your potted plants with Stingman’s sticky traps. Each pack contains 12 bright yellow traps designed to attract small insects such as fruit flies, aphids, fungus gnats and whiteflies. When insects come in contact, they become trapped in the ear glue, protecting your plants. Non-poisonous traps

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