Parenting With Purpose

Parenting With Purpose – As parents, we have a great responsibility in raising our children. Everything we say and do plays a role in who they are. Of course, I think we all strive to be the best and raise strong, kind and good children. But I also think we should always strive to be better. This post teaches 10 tips on how to be a more mindful parent and how to parent with purpose.

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Parenting With Purpose

Parenting With Purpose

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Teach your child the power of their words. Show them how our thoughts become reality. Teach your children the power of positive thinking and affirmations. Continue to use affirming words like you are beautiful, handsome, and smart, but include others like strong, independent, leader, courageous, compassionate, generous.

Put the phone down. Turn off the TV. Close the laptop. Give your child 100% attention. Look them in the eye when they speak. Study their habits. Take all that they have been. You are their world; show them that!

Don’t limit your child based on your thoughts. Let your child have big dreams and don’t crush them. Be careful with your words and the power of their greatest influence. Your child may want to live in a castle one day, be the president, or be a movie star. Don’t say “no” or “that won’t happen”. Instead, teach them that anything is possible and that if they want it and work for it, they can make their dreams come true.

There are struggles in life. Let your child understand what struggles are and learn the skills they need to overcome them. Teach your child how to solve problems. Teach them the power of perseverance. Teach them not to fear failure, but learn from it. Teach them to have courage. Teach them patience. Teach them resilience. Challenge your child to learn how to succeed.

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Be careful how you respond to situations of struggle or contempt. Use your conscious and subconscious mind in your answers. Synthesize the situation and consider the impact of your words and actions on others before responding.

Enjoy all the blessings you have. Show gratitude for all the material and non-material things you have. Teach your child to feel humbled by his blessings. Teach your child to appreciate everything he has instead of wishing for more. Show your child how to recognize others and value their contributions.

Show your child the world. Create adventures. Instill confidence in your child to overcome discouragement and fear of trying new things. When trying something new, focus on the journey rather than the outcome. Encourage curiosity. Cultivate a sense of excitement. Praise them when they have the courage to try something new, regardless of the outcome.

Parenting With Purpose

Remember that you are your child’s idol, their hero. Show them that everyone has fear. Teach them that fear is normal; even a good thing. Teach them that fear is an emotion and our reaction to fear can be the problem. Show them that fear is not weakness. Teach them that courage does not exist without fear. Tell them about the times you were afraid and how you overcame it. Share with them all the new and exciting experiences that wouldn’t be possible without pushing through fear.

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Can’t is a restricted word. Teach your child that you can do anything you want. Teach them to say, “I can’t do that yet.” or “How can I do this?” Show them that they may not be able to do anything yet, but with time (and practice) they can do anything.

Show your child endless, unconditional love. Teach them how to open their hearts to others. Show them love. Tell them you love them, but also why you love them. Show them how to love themselves.

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Parenting With Purpose

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Parenting With Purpose

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