Parenting Time Interference

Parenting Time Interference – Visiting interruptions occur when a parent interferes in any way with your ability to spend time as a parent with your child or to visit with them.

In Illinois, one parent has two options when the other parent interferes with their parenting time. You can pursue criminal proceedings or file a petition in civil court or do both. Seeking legal advice from a Chicago child custody lawyer about your specific situation is an important step in helping you determine the best course of action.

Parenting Time Interference

Parenting Time Interference

To proceed in a criminal court, you must first persuade the police to file a complaint and write a report. The state attorney will then try another parent and, most importantly, their attorney. They will not represent you, but they will enforce the law and you will not be required to appear in court and present the case. Access interference is a “minor offense” (such as a traffic ticket) and after the parents are convicted for the first two offenses, the punishment is more severe. The charge eventually became a Class A misdemeanor, meaning the penalty could be up to a year in prison or a fine of up to $ 2,500.

Three Things To Know About Parenting Time Interference

You can also continue in the civil room. Visiting Interference (Parental agreements now refer to visits as “time for parents” since parents do not “visit” their children) are being heavily considered in civil courts. But you need to take specific steps to ensure that your order is clear enough. Different lawyers will attack this issue in different ways. Should a legal complaint (sometimes known as a petition for contempt of judgment) be filed against another parent for contempt? Or should the parental agreement itself be amended?

For a petition, you must have a clear sequence that details your parenting time. This is why the court does not allow a child custody agreement, saying that “a parent without a guardian has the right to a reasonable parenting time.” What is reasonable for one parent is unreasonable for the other parent. So you need clarity. Date Time Who is in charge and where is the transaction to be made?

If you have a clear order, proceed with your legal request. You will need to specify which parts of the order the other parent violated, such as not leaving the minor. This is the hardest part of the case because other parents always say you are wrong in some way or that they are there but you are not. Now you know that the other parent is not true, so how do you present the allegations? It is your responsibility to file a petition to determine if the adoption agreement has not been complied with, and you must also show that your failure to comply with the court order is intentional and unwilling. If you can not fulfill that burden, you can choose to modify the existing parental agreement instead.

If the other parent does not come to share the time because your child is practicing his or her baseball, the amendment to the agreement should say that no activity can be scheduled during your parenting time unless you agree. . Other parents will bring their children to church, allow them to go to the Scouts, or attend a friend’s birthday party before taking them on a trip, claiming that these activities are important to the children. Of course, the time to visit the non-guardian parent is also important, but this type of excuse can allow the parent to avoid looking for contempt. Modifications to parenting agreements should take these types of excuses into account and prevent them from interrupting your parenting time.

What Constitutes Illegal Interference With Child Custody And Visitation?

If you have problems with parenting time and visit interference, be sure to seek legal advice about your options. At Anderson & Boback, our attorneys have helped hundreds of parents and families in Chicago address child custody and visitation issues, as well as visit interference. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your situation.

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Parenting Time Interference

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Documentation In Child Custody Cases

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Parenting Time Interference

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How To Cope With Parenting Differences

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