Parenting On Purpose

Parenting On Purpose – Join Joshua Gagnon and Shane Becton for a weekly podcast focusing on parenting. Each week there will be stories of inspiration and things that will inspire you, challenge you, and position you to parent your children with purpose.

On this episode, Shane chats with Nina Cruz, a certified mindful parenting coach, social worker (BSW), and meditation teacher. Shane and Nina discuss mindful parenting, toxic parenting patterns, and parenting myths. Join Nina’s website: ninacruzconsci…

Parenting On Purpose

Parenting On Purpose

On this episode, Shane is joined by Peter Orr, author of God’s Way. Peter wrote this book especially for children on how they can live and love as Jesus taught in the Bible! Connect with Peter and follow his progress in Living God’s Way on the Facebook page:…

Parenting With Purpose: Developing An Action Plan For The Tween Years And Beyond

Christmas is this week. What projects or celebrations have you planned? Is there a place to enjoy the Christmas season as a family with your favorite traditions? On this episode, Shane discusses some options you can consider when preparing for your next vacation. If you enjoy listening to…

Today, Josh and Shane discuss some of the commonalities and many challenges faced when it comes to cross-sex parenting. The team would love to hear from you! Send us an email at Contact Josh Gagnon on his website or on Facebook or Instagram…

Today you’ll hear from Josh and Shane as they discuss the right pace of parenting with purpose. Is there a limit to intentional parenting? How often should you know the parents? Today’s conversation will be lively and free as you nurture with purpose. Josh Gagan joins…

Today you’ll hear from Josh as he thinks about making room for rest and gratitude. Josh also has a podcast titled Outspoken with Joshua Gagnon. Today’s episode was originally published on that podcast. You can find all contact information below. Joshua Gagnon can be found speaking candidly…

Ep. 70: Parent On Purpose With Amy Carney

Today Shane turns our thoughts to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and challenges us to focus on gratitude and thankfulness. Contact Shane Becton: Facebook: @shane.becton1 Instagram:shanebecton

App. 36: Four Keys to Helping Your Child Cope with Grief [Good Grief Parenting] with special guest Michelle Beneau

Today Shane is joined by Michelle Benio, a mother of two, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, an early childhood parenting coach, and founder of Good Grief Parenting, after her 6-year-old son died of cancer. The 3-year-old daughter said, “Mom, I’m half done.” This is a heartbreaking statement…

Parenting On Purpose

Today Trent McEntire joins Shane to discuss how to help your child if they are struggling to pay attention in school. For more than two decades, Trent McEntire has been helping people move — a story he knows all too well. Born with a mild form of cerebral palsy, Trent P…

Parenting For Purpose. Most Of The Parenting Books Today Seem…

Today Amy Buckley, StudyHelp Inc. Joe Bani, shares key insights and helpful tips on how we can support our children after a year of remote learning. Amy shares some psychological insights and practical things you can do at home to help your kids succeed academically…

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Parenting With Purpose — Foothills Church

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Parenting On Purpose

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Parenting With Cheryl Erwin

What is Global Rank? This podcast is one of the most popular shows out of 2,927,422 podcasts worldwide, as ranked by ListonScore (estimated popularity score). You may lose your temper with your child because she wants to be in charge all the time. You are finding it difficult not to get into a power struggle with him on a daily basis.

Or maybe your four-year-old doesn’t hear you. You have to ask or tell him to do something 10 times, then when he doesn’t do it, lose your cool and scream. The latter accusation does not help in this situation.

Sometimes you are too tired from your work day to let your child do whatever they want to relax for a while. The next thing you know, he’s working, demanding your time, and you’re wondering how you ever made it in this world.

Since publishing my flagship e-book, Parenting with Purpose: How to Avoid, Manage, and Learn from Your Child’s Challenging Behavior, I’ve helped parents like you find solutions to the same problems I faced. has come forward.

Dr. Teandra Gordon’s “purpose Filled Parenting” Is An Engaging Book That Helps Parents To Raise Their Kids Well In Order For Them To Reach Their Full Potential

Because it’s hard to struggle with your child’s behavior, or feel like you’ve tried everything but nothing works.

Parenting With Purpose explains how you can prevent power struggles, how to respond when they happen, and what you can learn from those difficult moments.

“Let’s face it – parenting is hard work! It’s easy to feel like we’re failing sometimes, especially when our kids act out, but Nina’s book offers solid advice for parents of young children and Offers practical solutions—simple ideas that can be applied right now. This is the guide I wish I had in those exhausting toddler and preschool years. —Ruth Sockup, New York Times bestselling author of Life , spend less

Parenting On Purpose

“Looking back, the non-listening and attitude I regularly get from him is overwhelming.”

You Have Purpose In Every Season Of Parenting

“My child has the power to ruin anyone’s day, apparently, by being insulting, yelling and rude.”

We carry this great weight – the guilt, the resentment, the confusion – and realize that we are all alone. We believe that we should know our children well and be able to make sound decisions based on experience.

So I wrote Parenting with Purpose. To give you actionable steps that will have a wonderful impact on your relationship with your child.

So that you’re not jumping around him, hoping to avoid another scam-fest, but actually picking him up from daycare to spend time with him.

Parenting On Purpose: Dr. Bob Barnes: 9780972600231: Books

That you are not spending your entire day listening to the back talk, and instead encouraging your child to listen, even for the first time.

And that you no longer feel like a failure, but a confident, capable parent ready to grow with your child on this parenting journey.

Because the real issue isn’t really about spending a few bucks on an ebook. The real issue is whether you are responding to your child’s challenging behavior in a way that doesn’t damage your relationship with him.

Parenting On Purpose

“I really liked this book. As a mother of two children (one year old and three years old) I struggle with discipline issues on a daily basis. I’m ashamed to admit, I lose my temper more often than I should. There are times when I feel lost trying to take on the responsibility of raising two wonderful human beings.

Parenting On Purpose Conference

Nina’s book felt like she was talking directly to me. I like her tips on connecting with your child and showing empathy, rather than using coercive force or punishment methods like time-outs. His style is sweet, direct and insightful. There were many relevant and helpful points, including a list of 20 actionable things you can do to help you become a better parent.

I am very excited to implement some of these methods with my children. Thank you Nina for sharing your wealth of experience and knowledge!!! Highly recommend this book to all parents or those thinking about becoming parents! – Jennifer Rasmussen

“Parenting with Purpose teaches parents how to deal with the struggles that come with raising children in a way that produces the best results, with intention and purpose. She advises you to use these words on a daily basis. can use and how to best manage situations so you can enjoy the time you spend with your children. This book is great if you struggle with your child’s behavior, but at the same time, it’s for anyone. It’s also for parents who want to build a wonderful relationship with their child that will grow stronger over the years. -Becky Mansfield, Your Modern Family

“Intentional parenting starts with building relationships, guiding parents through respectful conversations and action steps parents can take.

Parenting With A Purpose; Actively Promoting Racial Inclusivity As Integral To Our Roles

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