Parenting From The Tree Of Life

Parenting From The Tree Of Life – The downloads available here include worksheets, handouts, and posters to help you implement the principles taught in the parenting videos. These resources come directly from the course material or experienced leaders from around the world. Classroom leaders can use these tools to facilitate the educational experience while promoting learning.

Downloadable email templates for Flipped and In-Home Classes are prepared for the convenience of our classroom teachers. Visiting specific email templates allows leaders to edit and customize information to meet specific class needs or to notify class members of upcoming events.

Parenting From The Tree Of Life

Parenting From The Tree Of Life

In addition to the suggested links, leaders can direct their class participants to other video segments that can be viewed on this site under the “Parent Videos” tab.

Mythic Tree Of Life Tattoos

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** Visit 17 can be split into 2 sessions if you feel that additional discussion in 2 visits instead of 1 will help learning.

Facilitator guides are available to help you facilitate your class. They are made for new or experienced leaders. This guide includes the following:

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The Getting Started Guide explains how to use each guide and provides suggestions to help you run a successful class. Shop / Topic Index – Childhood / Stream this Series / Find a Lecture / Ask a Question / Handouts

Your course was offered as an incentive for early parole from prison. I thought, “why not, I ran into him.” I did not expect the grace that befell me. Your words changed my life when others had given up on me. I grew up with the words of death and now I will come out of prison touched with the message of life. Soon I will be able to be with my children again and now I am confident that I can be the mother God always intended me to be. Thank you Anne Marie and Gary, Rich and Julie. Trina G.

The development of a child’s heart, mind and personality requires sensitivity, understanding and a nurturing environment. Parenting from the Tree of Life trains parents to pass on these moral qualities.

Parenting From The Tree Of Life

Let us join the chorus of voices echoing the same gratitude. Gary and Anne Marie, your life message has changed our world, saved our marriage and changed our family. A thousand thanks and a thousand missing hearts to feel the appreciation for all you have done for families around the world, especially ours. Claudette & Mitch B.

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The Parenting from the Tree of Life course materials can be streamed as stand-alone topics or full-length classes.

Visits of the entire course 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12 – 13 – 14 – 15 – 16 – 17

Attending the online (or in-person) Parenting from the Tree of Life course provides an opportunity to learn from experienced leaders who know the material and can guide parents to success through a global network of mothers and fathers.

My husband and I didn’t come from a life-giving home environment – we didn’t even know such a thing existed. Now, years later, we shudder to think what would have happened to our family if our friends had not introduced us to your teachings. Our lives have changed. . . yes, they changed for good forever. Kinny & Grace Z.

The Tree Of Life: A Simple Exercise For Reclaiming Your Identity And Direction In Life Through Story

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Part One: Life, Children, and Relationships (6 sessions) addresses the components associated with healthy parenting. Because children often reflect the priorities and values ​​of their home lives, what is important to mom and dad will also be important to their children and will influence what each child becomes in the future.

Part Two: Life, Children, and Character Development (6 sessions) covers critical areas of character education and explains the guiding principles for raising kind, respectful, respectful children who are helpful, confident, and certainly well-behaved. No child can attain this degree of moral character unless the home life from which it springs knows such virtue. The second part is intended for parents and children.

Parenting From The Tree Of Life

Part Three: Life, Children, Encouragement and Correction (5 sessions) addresses the challenges associated with the remedial part of training. Correction is not just about correcting unwanted or misbehavior—parents should also pay attention to areas of preventive training that reduce the amount of correction needed. Part Three focuses on proactively encouraging behaviors that help children stay on track and knowing how to properly correct children to get them back on track.

Why Parents And Kids Get Estranged

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