Parenting Classes In Spanish

Parenting Classes In Spanish – Parenting is hard – we get it. You are not alone. Our programs are designed to help you meet life’s challenges and succeed!

The Parenting Journey made me realize that although being a parent is challenging, I don’t have to give up on my other dreams in the process.”

Parenting Classes In Spanish

Parenting Classes In Spanish

Parenting Journey programs help mothers, fathers and carers increase their confidence, skills and resilience – as individuals and as parents. When raising themselves and their children, each parent lays the foundation for strong family relationships.

Parenting Groups Evidence Based Classes

Virtual Groups: To ensure the safety of parents/guardians and staff, PJ began offering groups virtually in April 2020.

In the Parenting Journey programme, a small group of parents and carers meet for two hours a week for 12 or 14 weeks. The program includes activities, discussions, a family meal and free childcare. During the closing ceremony, family and friends are invited to the graduation ceremony. In this ceremony, we honor the participation, achievements and strengths of each participant in the program.

Nourishing Meal (Personal Groups Only) – Start each session with a family-style meal while connecting with others in the group.

Babysitting (in-person groups only) – You don’t have to worry about who will take care of your children during each session. We provide high quality on-site childcare.

Parents By Choice Free Classes

Group participation – Each session will include group activities and discussion. Share your experiences, thoughts and feelings in an environment of safety, trust and respect.

Supportive Facilitation – In our non-judgmental program model, our facilitators are trained professionals who are fully committed as equals. They strive to create an atmosphere that encourages open and honest discussion.

Programs are offered from the Somerville, MA office several times throughout the year. Visit each page to learn more about each specific program.

Parenting Classes In Spanish

In a supportive environment, we will work with you to discover your inner talents and help you achieve your goals.

Online Spanish Classes: A Guide To The Best Courses For Kids To Adults

All Massachusetts residents, no matter where you are, no matter what your background, are invited to the Parent Journey. We work with mothers, fathers and carers from all walks of life and educate children of all ages. Visit our group interests page to view upcoming group dates or complete our interest form. Active Parenting of Teens (Third Edition) This parenting video and discussion program provides parents with the skills needed to effectively discipline, teach responsibility, and communicate with their children. . Each session shows parents how to deal with sensitive issues such as drugs, sexuality and violence. The DVD video has closed captions.

Available in three convenient formats: a video and discussion program (shown at left), a video library, and a lunch and learn program. Also available with Spanish dubbing.

To find out how to offer this course online using one of our convenient virtual options, please call 800-825-0060 ext 2.

The Active Teen Parenting Program includes the leading model of active parenting that has benefited millions of parents, along with:

Spanish Parenting Educational Classes

With Active Teen Parenting, you’ll be able to offer parenting classes where parents can learn and laugh in a supportive environment.

With so many different types of parents, why should there be only one class? The Active Teen Parenting program is designed to make it easy for you to offer:

BA class in two parts, each consisting of 3 lessons. Do the first lesson and then the second as a continuation later in the year (lessons I-VI, see below)

Parenting Classes In Spanish

Each 2-session unit focusing on alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention (ATOD) plus sexuality (sessions V-VI, see below)

The Power Of Parent Education

“Families in Action/Active Parenting of Teens will help these teens learn communication and behavioral skills that will transform their family life and community relationships.”

“When parents enter the program (Families in Action/Active Parenting of Teens), they are closed and think they are alone in the problems they are having with their children. But as soon as we watch the videos and discuss the situations, the moms and dads start to open up. They begin to look at situations from a different perspective and eventually grow and develop new ways of raising their children”.

“It was a pleasure to facilitate the active parenting of teenagers… I wanted you to know that this is one of the best parenting programs I have ever seen and I think many parents will benefit from it…”

“A few people have asked me about my parenting skills. It’s because of my amazing daughter… It wasn’t always like this… I started experiencing issues I wasn’t ready to deal with… I truly believe that implementing the techniques of your Active Teen Parenting program saved us two. … I felt that I have the skills to raise teenagers and that we created a good foundation for success together … Thank you for your contribution to our success and happiness.”

Quotes About Active Parenting (35 Quotes)

The Active Teen Parents Program was selected as the Juvenile Program of the Year at the conclusion of the Arkansas Juvenile Justice Coalition Conference in North Little Rock, Arkansas on September 13 2007. Active Parenting is a program offered by Comprehensive Juvenile Services in Sebastian, Crawford and Logan counties. Mrs. Frances Morreale, parent teacher, has been teaching parenting classes since 1994. The program is offered to parents of teenage children who have entered the juvenile justice system or are at risk of entering the juvenile justice system.

Active Parenting of Teens is a six-week curriculum that covers the various principles and skills needed to help parents become more effective in managing their teenage children. The program encourages parents to learn the skills needed to resolve family conflicts and help reduce discipline problems. Parents learn ways to promote confidence and self-esteem, which are most important in helping parents navigate their child’s turbulent years and achieve positive outcomes. The six-part curriculum includes: Active Parents, Building Courage and Self-Esteem, Developing Responsibility, Working Together to Win Through Communication, Challenging Alcohol and Other Drugs, and Parenting and Teen Sexuality .

Since the beginning of the Active Parenting of Teenagers program, 3,970 parents have signed up for the educational program. To date, the graduation rate is 65%. Active parenting of teenagers is intended exclusively for parents who then have a positive influence on their children. For young people to deviate from juvenile delinquency, efforts must begin on the home front, with parental involvement and control.

Parenting Classes In Spanish

In addition to active parenting of teenagers, Comprehensive Youth Services provides a variety of delinquent and at-risk youth services in Sebastian, Crawford, Logan, Scott, Polk and Montgomery counties. Services include casework, electronic monitoring, community services, mental health and residential treatment. The West Arkansas Youth Shelter is located in Cecil, Arkansas. Comprehensive Youth Services is a private non-profit organization that provides services to youth and families. JAMMAInternational published this great tool for wellness during this time of stress and anxiety for our communities. Click here to access this great workbook on anxiety management.

Parenting Class Just For Fathers (spanish)

If you or someone you know is experiencing dating violence, there is help near you. Find youth violence organizations in your community:

As a result of the crisis, domestic violence generally increases. For some households, times like this mean more than just staying strong, but also security, as they can hide in their place with those who abuse them.

Here’s what you need to know and why it’s important to stay social and provide support to friends and family during social distancing: 121146632.html

The danger of quarantining with an abuser and how and safety planning for quarantine information was provided by Domestic Shelters: -news/the-danger-of-being-quarantined- with an abuser

Free Parent Education Classes On Zoom!

Phone, chat and text crisis support services are available for those experiencing domestic violence. The National Domestic Violence Hotline has resources not only for victims, but also for abusers or those at risk of becoming abusers. The hotline can be reached at 1-800-799-7233 and TTY 1-800-787-3224 or by texting LOVEIS to 22522. Online chat services are also available at

If you are trying to leave an abusive relationship, you should have a safety plan to protect you. These tips from the California Victim Compensation Board can help you get started:

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, there is help near you. Find domestic violence organizations in your community:

Parenting Classes In Spanish

Service providers can suddenly serve victims of domestic violence virtually rather than in person. The National Network to End Domestic Violence has resources for service providers to address technology safety for survivors of a public health crisis. The Digital Services Toolkit and other resources can be found here:

Co Parenting (spanish), 900 N Portland Ave, Oklahoma City, Ok 73107 6120, United States, 10 September

Another great resource for providers is the American Child Abuse Professional Society. Information and resources for Child Abuse Prevention Month can be found here:

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) provides a Guide to Resources and Information on COVID-19 in both English and Spanish through the following link:

For our community service providers, the Stephan Center online Course Program is LIVE!! These unique courses meet the licensing and certification requirements for ECE professionals as well as professionals in education (K-12), counseling, health, social work, and law enforcement New classes will be added monthly. Min

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