Parenting Classes Atlanta

Parenting Classes Atlanta – We serve adults of all ages struggling with child care issues and help families and schools develop positive action plans. We help you develop better ways to communicate and have fun with your children! We help divorced parents connect with each other and their children.

Sometimes parents need guidance on parenting strategies, help with schooling, and connections with other parents in the community to keep their child safe and happy. We work with parents of teenagers and young adults to better understand the challenges they face in parenting.

Parenting Classes Atlanta

Parenting Classes Atlanta

Parents always have access to dynamic practical support (resources, tools and relevant information) as well as ideas and support. Parenting advice focuses on the present rather than the past. Some parents need only one session to solve the problem. Others routinely use parenting counseling to aid in decision-making and mediation.

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This service is also available for parents who do not live together. Parental counseling can be used when parents need help resolving disagreements or making decisions.

We offer babysitting services! Parents of current or former clients and new parents are welcome to attend. The group provides support for new diagnoses and for families and parents in general. Child custody is divided into two categories: physical custody and legal custody. When it comes to physical and legal custody, the court works in the best interests of the child to establish a close and consistent relationship with the parent and to establish continuity in the child’s life. This is defined in the parenting plan.

A child custody plan is an agreement that describes arrangements for child care. It outlines who has children, who makes health care and education decisions, and what to do when a parent’s circumstances change dramatically.

In Georgia, both parents are considered equal for the above reasons, and to limit aggravating circumstances, courts often try to establish joint custody.

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If you or a loved one is dealing with one of these issues, we are here to help you find the perfect solution.

Have questions about what happens when a child custody agreement needs to be modified or renewed? Click the link below for details.

Family law attorney Hobson & Hobson, P.C. Be aware of all these issues and be prepared to integrate them into your specific situation. Our goal is to help you arrange the perfect outcome that meets your family’s long-term needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Parenting Classes Atlanta

Call Hobson & Hobson at 770-284-6153 or email Hobson & Hobson to discuss your Georgia real estate division family law matter.

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The information on this website is for general information only. Nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice for any purpose. This information is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship in any way. All class descriptions are below, then click here to view the current schedule and register for classes. All current services are offered via Zoom or in person (remote/remote) in Atlanta.

Being a new mother can be an incredibly fulfilling experience, but it can often feel lonely. Many people talk about the deep love and affection a mother has for her newborn baby, but not many share the pain. Here is the “Mama” circle that we grew up with. These are support and learning groups for new, working moms of 2+ looking for time, information, and community. They provide a safe space where women can unload what they have collected and celebrate the good things. It’s also a place where information can be shared, but not pushed around, so moms can decide what’s best for their families and really start to feel confident in the role of “mom.” It’s the feeling of confidence that comes from trusting a mother’s instincts the day a baby is born.

Mom’s children are grouped together with others born at the same time – so everyone experiences many highs and lows at the same time. Women in this class begin to build support networks that last for many months or even years.

Midwifery clubs are offered in 6 or 8 weekly sessions – weekly sessions are 90 minutes. Each class provides an opportunity for inquiry and question-and-answer and focuses on a specific topic (ie, transitioning to motherhood, sisterhood, development, co-parenting, self-education, etc.). The class also includes a song, movement and play segment for mothers and babies.

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This class has natural music that we are born with and is great fun. Music is a great way to connect with children and other families, while boosting brain development and social and cognitive tools.

From singing, dancing and traditional children’s classics to international tunes, rock and roll, current hits and more. along with a selection of electronic music!

Taryn’s Family Music Lessons are a wonderful opportunity for babies and toddlers to enter a world of musical fun with their loving parents, grandparents, siblings and/or caregivers.

Parenting Classes Atlanta

Raising a child is beautiful, rewarding, hard work! Parents do not always get the help they deserve and need most. At these meetings, parents expect to be listened to and supported in identifying challenges and successes at home. We deal with personal moments and offer concrete tools to help parent and child walk through life and stay together in unconditional love and connection. Our coaching methodology is deeply rooted in brain science, child development and research.

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After each meeting, a review of the email sent as well as reading related to the topic(s) discussed is recommended. Child care assistance is provided on an individual basis and/or for large groups.

Private sessions are available around metro Atlanta, or you can schedule an appointment with us via our virtual phone/video platform from anywhere in the world.

Leave the babies at home! This workshop will address some of the key issues and questions, challenges and joys of raising a happy baby while maintaining a calm attitude as a parent. We discuss how to best and effectively raise a curious, energetic child who is discovering the world and learning to communicate! Lesson topics include the baby brain, assertive parenting, setting limits, positive/gentle discipline, “My! Food battles and more!

This is a private group lesson in the comfort of your own home. Organize a tutoring session for at least 6 families and the host family will teach for free! Click the Contact button if you have any questions or to get in touch.

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These lessons are very similar to the home music lessons above, but in their classroom for 3-5 year olds.

Taryn comes weekly, monthly, or as often as needed to study with a variety of fun and engaging students.

Children jump and jump for joy. Taryn is not only music for our class. That’s it

Parenting Classes Atlanta

Brings light, kindness and respect. Taryn shines with passion and patience, and she’s very talented – kids, moms, and music (and more).

Baby And Toddler Activities In Atlanta

Beautiful soul – I encourage every baby mama to be a part of your life!! Connect with nature and be active.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some gifts may be limited to virtual or limited acceptance to prevent the spread of the virus. Check the website to confirm schedules, mask requirements and safety protocols.

Even if swimming lessons aren’t ideal for your baby, building your baby’s confidence and comfort in the water starts at 3 months. Studies show that swimming lessons with your child can help deepen the bond between parent and child. Sign up for mini-lessons today.

The early childhood music program is designed to unlock the musical potential of children from the age of 6. Join the fun at one of our eight locations.

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Join Oodazu for a music lesson and play for free in the baby zone for 18-36 months. Children use drills, dances, stories and props to develop physical skills and movement patterns as they clap, sing and move to the music.

The adventure program for children 5 and under teaches young explorers about new animals while making friends and connecting with wildlife. Plus, get up close and personal with hundreds of animals, including giraffes, pandas, reptiles and gorillas.

The unique teaching method in “Balauyz and Me” classes for 0-3 years old also develops musical abilities.

Parenting Classes Atlanta

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