Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity – Forgive what you can’t forget. Find out how to move on, come to terms with painful memories and create a beautiful life again

Reggie Joyner is the founder and CEO of Orange. He also co-founded North Point Church in Alpharetta, Georgia with Andy Stanley. During his 11 years as CEO of Family Ministry, he developed a new concept for the ministry Suitable for children, teenagers and married adults.

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

If you are traveling with him around the country on the orange tour, be prepared to stop at any antique store along the way. He found a way to wear orange for 3453 days and counting.

Intentional Parenting: 10 Ways To Be An Exceptional Parent In A Quick Fix World: Doug Fields, Cathy Fields: 9781635700862: Books

Reggie and his wife, Debbie, live in Kemming, Georgia and have four children, Reggie Paul, Hannah, Sarah and Rebecca.

KERRY NEWHOFF is a former attorney and founding pastor of Connexus Church in Barrie, Ontario, one of the most influential churches in North America. He is a highly sought-after speaker, podcaster and thought leader who regularly presents at major US conferences and events such as Orange, Exponential and Lifeway’s Pipeline Leadership Conference. With millions of listeners tuning in regularly, Carey Nieuwhof’s Leadership Podcast features today’s top leaders and cultural influencers. Kerry and his wife Toni Live near Barrie, Ontario and have two children.

Hasty and merciless elimination. How to Stay Emotionally Healthy and Live Spiritually in the Chaos of the Modern World Integrate your family into a bigger story that includes more than just your family; With God it is really important. We want to encourage you to adopt a lifestyle as a parent where you…

This is not a self-help book. This is a help book. It’s about how you can increase your parenting skills by connecting to available resources, some of which you may know about and some of which you may not.

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity Book

One episode. The Orange Parent – Every parent has so much potential to do what only they can do. However, there are things that are simply beyond a parent’s ability. With this in mind, parental influence is best exercised in partnership with the church.

Second chapter. The Stock Family Syndrome – Most of the time, the reality of our family does not match the image we envisioned when we started as parents. It’s easy to feel like a failure. But God does not present us with a perfect picture. He is writing a bigger story that we can experience.

Chapter three. Family Value #1 – Expand the Circle – The goal as a parent is for another adult voice to speak into your son or daughter’s life, saying things you would have tried to say as a parent. This is why we must pursue strategic relationships for your children.

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

Chapter four Family value #2 – imagine the end – one day our children will leave our homes and spend the rest of their lives behind the wheel. When we visualize this day, it allows us to discern more clearly what is important and what is most important. Understanding this truth allows us to focus our priorities on what matters most.

Parental Buffering In The Context Of Poverty: Positive Parenting Behaviors Differentiate Young Children’s Stress Reactivity Profiles

Chapter five. Family Value #3 – Battle for the Heart – It’s easy to forget that you can win an argument and force the right behavior, but lose your heart in the process. Laws are important, but some things are more important than laws. As parents, we must learn to communicate in a style that adds value to the relationship.

Chapter six. Family value #4 – Creating a rhythm – Passing on faith to our children does not happen automatically. If we hope to impress truths on the hearts of our children, we must be more thoughtful about creating rhythm in our homes. Creating purposeful rhythms means increasing the amount of quality time you spend together.

Chapter seven. Family Value #5 – Make It Personal – We have a picture of who we want our children to be, but the process of helping them become is a bit counterintuitive. What we want them to become, we must sincerely strive to be. If we want something to be in them, it must also be in us. That’s why it’s so important to put ourselves first when it comes to personal growth.

Chapter eight. Back to the story – as parents, we have limitations. but it’s OK. Why? Because there is a truly great God and a truly community waiting to expand your capacity to so much more. When we connect our children to a greater story, they are connected to the nature of God’s love that will carry them far beyond what any human love can do.

Pdf) What Is Digital Parenting? A Systematic Review Of Past Measurement And Blueprint For The Future

“A hundred years from now, your great-grandchildren probably won’t even know your name. No one will care what awards you won or how much money you made. The only thing that will matter is the kind of children you leave behind and the impact they have on the next generation.”

“Sometimes we forget that the essence of parenting is to foster important relationships that affect the future of each child.”

“By making a strong commitment to do what you can and seeking help from others to do what you can’t, you practice parenting beyond your current abilities.”

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

“God works and tells the story of restoration and redemption through your family. No matter what your family is like or how limited your abilities are, you can cooperate with what God wants to do in your heart so that your children have a front row seat to God’s grace and goodness.” Reggie Joyner and Carrie Newhoff help parents discover a “bigger story” they can engage their family in, one where multiple strong voices come together to tell their children the same thing: a relationship with God is really important.

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“I love Reggie and Carrie. By the time this book reaches a dozen pages or so, you will too. Parenting Beyond Your Ability gives us a practical and revolutionary approach to a responsibility that most of us dread: parenting. At the heart of this book are five family values ​​that I believe will set you up for success throughout development your child.”

“As parents of six children, nothing is more important to Amy and I than to pass our faith on to the next generation of Groschels. Reggie and Carrie offer simple, solid steps to make this goal a reality for parents of all backgrounds.”

Reggie Joiner is the founder and CEO of Orange, an organization dedicated to redefining ministry approaches for churches and family settings. For nearly 40 years, he has mentored teachers and leaders who influence the next generation. Reggie and his wife, Debbie, have raised four children to adulthood.

Carey Nieuwhof is the founding pastor of Connexus Community Church, a growing multi-family church in North Toronto. Author of several best-selling books, blogs, podcasts and speaks to church leaders around the world on leadership, change and personal growth. He and his wife Toni live near Barrie, Ontario and have two sons, Jordan and Sam.

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

Interested in reselling Orange Books? We publish titles for children, teens, and parents, as well as books for church leaders and volunteers. Every parent has limitations. While reading these pages, we hope you will learn to look beyond your limitations and adopt a set of principles that will help you influence your children beyond your ability. (20)

Maybe it’s just me, but I never seem to have enough time or space. Instead, my approach to parenting was often casual and reactive. I think most of us respond to what feels right in the moment. We reach for the nearest book on the shelf, scan the first site in our Google search, or sort through the many lists given to us by “experts”. Then we give birth to experience. (25)

Many parents wake up one day and realize they’ve neglected the relationship they promised they’d always prioritize. (26)

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

You start to feel some pressure. OK. It can be healthy to feel a little desperate now and then, especially if your desperation pushes you to seek help and admit that you are not capable of being a perfect parent. If parenting isn’t a little intimidating, then maybe you don’t really understand how important your role is. (28)

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We must remember that our influence has more to do with our relationships with our children than our parenting skills. Your goal as a parent is not to develop exceptional parenting skills. (29)

Your job is not to impress your children or anyone else with your ability to parent; It is your job to impress your children with God’s love and nature. (29)

But there is also the flip side of this principle. This is the second thread going through these pages. Some things are simply beyond a parent’s ability. (29)

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