Parenting A Teenager Meme

Parenting A Teenager Meme – I’m not going to lie, I thank my lucky stars every day that my kids aren’t toddlers anymore. Of course, I miss their cute little faces, their bedtime hugs, and their existence

To spend time with me. But everyday life has become much easier without cleaning feathers and toys scattered all over the house. No more daily planners signing off, and when the science fair rolls around, I can sit on the sidelines while they figure it out

Parenting A Teenager Meme

Parenting A Teenager Meme

In fact, I haven’t had to help them with their homework since elementary school—and not just because I don’t understand any homework.

Memes That Sum Up What It’s Like To Have Teenagers / Tweens

But like everything in life, my teenage approach to youth comes with new challenges. I see their heads more than their faces. I track their phones and make them check multiple times while they’re out to make sure it’s safe. There is a friendship drama and a dating drama. I spend a lot of time teaching them how to deal with the nastiness and competitiveness that comes with grades, class rank, SAT scores, and college admissions.

It takes a great sense of humor to get through this age unscathed, and luckily, we’ve found some of the funniest teen parents who have empathy. Don’t forget to click on the images to follow them for more fun and relevant content.

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Inside: Sometimes the right meme can get you through a rough day. Here are 30 of the best quotes about parenting teenagers.

Funny Memes By Parents Who Are Literally Sick Of Cold And Flu Season

We thought the first few years of parenthood were difficult with sleepless nights, constant struggles and suffering that seemed to last forever.

Then came the teenage years, and the truth is, there are still sleepless nights, constant struggles, and torments that seem to go on forever.

As we raise teenage daughters and sons, we suddenly realize that the problems of teenagers are bigger than we ever expected.

Parenting A Teenager Meme

And we can feel alone. The wealth of resources and support available to parents of newborns seems to disappear as our children grow.

Raising Teenager Memes

Throw in technology and yes, even pandemics and this year we might want to stay in bed until they pass.

So when parenting a teenager feels overwhelming, lonely, and overwhelming, there’s nothing like a meme to help you feel like you’re not the only one struggling through this time.

Who wasn’t here? You try to keep quiet about that new boyfriend or other outfit or choice they made, but your face says it all. See Whitney Fleming writes.

No one told you that 98 percent of teenage kids are carrying them somewhere, waiting somewhere, or about to go somewhere… Via Keeper of the Fruit Loops.

Memes That Sum Up How Hard Bedtime Is With Kids

I’m not saying my kids aren’t tough, but I grew up in the 80s. Through adolescent mothers and adolescents.

Sometimes the best parenting quotes come from the teenagers themselves. Otherwise, we are happy to accept. Via Saucinthesuburbs.

Fly little birds, but make sure you return to the nest as soon as possible! Follow Laura Hanby Hudgens, writer.

Parenting A Teenager Meme

Seriously! It wasn’t big on TikTok. It was great when I was your age. What is unclear to you???? Follow Rachel Sobel.

Memes That Perfectly Describe The Struggle To Keep Your House Clean When You Have Kids

I mean, what does it take for a teenager to get a haircut these days? Follow the mother octopus.

Raising teenagers is tough, but you don’t have to do it alone. Here are some other popular posts you might like.

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Funny Parenting Quotes

Get advice, tips and lots of support and encouragement to help you be a better, stronger and more confident parent to your teenagers.

Apply today! Parenting teenagers and adults can be difficult, but we can help make it easier. I always thought that having a baby was very difficult and I couldn’t wait for my children to grow up to make life easier for me. Man, was I wrong. Things got hairy with the tweens/teenagers at home. Here are some memes that sum up what it’s like to be a teenager/teenager all around.

When I tell people that I have six children, they are always shocked. I soon realized that even though my older children were more confident, entering the teenage years was an emotional rollercoaster for everyone involved. Honestly, I feel like the first few years are a piece of cake compared to the things we’ve been going through the last few years in our house.

Parenting A Teenager Meme

As a mother, I also learned that you have to laugh or you’ll drive yourself crazy in the process. There are days when I wonder what the hell happened to my sweet little babies and who replaced them with the troll under the bridge. Other days they are the cutest and funniest tweens/teenagers.

Funny Memes About Kids And Chores

I know it’s hard being a teenager. I also know that times have changed and they are under a lot of pressure. Social media doesn’t help either.

So I’ve put together this fun collection of memes that reveal what it’s like to live with a teenage daughter. It is not easy and you will agree, there are days when you ask the Lord to give you strength. Other times, you apologize to your parents for everything they did.

It’s really stupid to want to call your parents and apologize for everything you’ve ever done…

And even when they don’t do anything crazy, you also realize how much it costs.

Funny Memes Your Kids Want You To Know

So yes, parenting a teenager is very difficult, but ultimately it’s how you spend those years that will get you what you put into it.

Looking for more parenting humor? Do you remember what it was like to have a child? Go here and check out 20 memes that sum up what it’s like to have a baby. Who said parenting can’t be funny? We certainly do not! There’s a lot of humor when it comes to parenting – whether it’s funny parenting quotes, kids sayings, comics, videos, or more! Anyway, here’s a roundup of what we thought was hilarious – hope you’ll agree!

Most children sometimes threaten to run away from home. It’s the only thing that keeps some parents going.

Parenting A Teenager Meme

Children scream and coo when it’s time to sleep…adults coo and coo when it’s time to wake up.

Memes That Will Be So Real To You If You’re Raising Boys

Kids have heroes who wear capes and do good things…adults have heroes who wear “bling” and play bad music.

Children break the rules because they claim they “didn’t know better”… Adults break the rules because they claim “just like everyone else”.

Parenting Quotes Having children doesn’t make you a parent any more than a piano makes you a pianist.

I have found that the best way to counsel my children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it.

How To Talk To Teens About Their Purpose In Life

If there were no schools to take children away from home in time, insane asylums would be full of mothers.

Adolescence is a period of rapid change. For example, a 12- to 17-year-old parent is 20 years old.

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