Michigan Parenting Time Schedule

Michigan Parenting Time Schedule – 1 WAYNE COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT COURT PRINGING PROBABILITY FOR CHILDREN’S TIME Summary Purpose: The following plan is for use when the custodial parent (CP) and non-custodial parent (NCP) live in close proximity, the child(ren) are in a relationship with NCP. , there is no history of the parents living together, and the parents cannot take over the child’s time in any other way. Both parents can agree to change this parenting arrangement. If parents can agree on parenting time, they can use the blank calendars in the back of this guide to mark the days and times each parent must have child time. OBJECTIVE OF THE COURT: Parents should help their children to have a good relationship with their other parent. Tip: ** Make exchanges easier for your children by following set schedules, avoiding fighting with the other parent in front of your child, and supporting your (child’s) relationship with the other parent. ** The (white) child should be allowed to bring toys and/or important personal possessions back and forth to each parent’s home. Child objects must be returned to the parent that sent the object. do not speak ill of, or allow a third party to speak ill of, the other parent or in front of the child(ren) ** Do not discuss legal issues with the child(ren). RULES ON PARENTING OF CHILDREN AND CHILDREN The age of one or more children is an important factor in determining the amount and length of parenting time. As the child grows, he will need more contact with each parent, but the duration of contact should be shorter. As the child grows, contact can be less frequent, but longer. So for many babies, short contacts are the best solution for building relationships without disturbing the baby with many changes in routine or environment. Each child will have different needs and established routines, which the Court will also deal with. An example could be if a child/children are breastfeeding, they come to daycare, they spend the night with their parents or other families, etc. each hour AND a 6 hour visit per week. NOT overnight stay. If the parents cannot agree, the days for the child’s time are: Monday and Wednesday from 12.00 to 14.00 OR 17.30 to 19.30 and Saturday OR Sunday 365 nights for CP/0 nights for NCP Every Tuesday from 18.00 to 20.30 AND alternating weeks . Another weekend is defined as Friday at 18.00 to Saturday at 18.00 OR Saturday at 18.00 to Sunday at 18.00 313 stand for CP/52 evening for NCP Every Tuesday at 18.00 until Wednesday to school / daycare / or guardian, not later than 10.00 AND substitute Page 1 of 5

2 weeks. Another weekend is defined as Friday at 18.00 to Sunday at 18.00 249 nights for CP / 116 nights for NCP Please note: This schedule is intended to promote the frequency and consistency of contact, which is especially for small children. Also important is the transition period to prepare the child/children for a long time with both parents. The FOC and the Family Assessment and Education (FAME) Orientation Unit can help parents set up a customized parenting schedule when they file a parenting time motion. CHILDREN’S COMMON LEAVE PERIOD IS DEFINED AS A CHILD WHOSE PARENTS ARE PARTICIPANTS IN THIS CASE. Holiday families where the most common child is over one year old NON-TRADITIONAL PARENTS must train families where the most common child is over 1 year old 3 3 See A on page 4 for specific times. EVEN THE PRIVATE HOMES WHERE CHILDREN ARE LITTLE AND OLDER CHILDREN ARE LESS THAN 3 YEARS OLD. See B on page 4 for specific times. TOBA Memorial Day Odd N/A Mom Dad Mom Dad July 4th Weekend N/A Dad Mom Dad Mom Labor Day Weekend N/A Mom Dad Mom Dad Dad Halloween N/A Dad Mom Dad Mom Dad Birthday Child 5 hours da on Mom Dad Mom Dad work schedules for groups. Palm Sunday at 12.00. 17.00 Father Mother Father Mother Thanksgiving Day, Christmas/holiday N/A only See B on Page 4 See B on Page 4 Christmas Eve N/A Mother Father Christmas Day at 12.00. 5:00 PM Father Mother New Year N/A Mother Father New Year Day N/A Father Mother Spring Father Mother Mother Easter Week (if not 12:00 PM 5:00 PM Mother Father Mother Father in Spring Break) Easter, Easter Sunday only Midwinter Break Father Mother OTHER RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS: The above parental leave schedule includes the most common public and religious holidays recognized by many school district. If your family observes additional religious holidays (listed or page 2 of 5

Michigan Parenting Time Schedule

Michigan Parenting Time Schedule

3 otherwise) like e.g. Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Baha, Jain, Pagan, Shinto or Sikh parental time will change from year to year and the time of these holidays will be from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM unless otherwise agreed by the parents. If the vacation and/or school leave is next to the parent’s regular parenting time, the parenting time must be consecutive. Parenting time for vacations and school holidays must take precedence over regular parenting time and may result in a parent having two or more weeks at a time. A. PARENTAL HOLIDAYS WHEN CHILDREN ARE NEW 1-3 Memorial Day Weekend will begin at 6:00 pm on the Friday before Memorial Day and end at 6:00 pm on Memorial Day. April of July starts at 18.00 on 3 July and ends at 18.00 on 5 July. Labor Day weekend starts at 18.00 on the Friday before Labor Day and ends at 6pm Labor Day. Halloween: Parents time starts at 18.00 and ends at 8 pm. Thanksgiving weekend starts at 6 pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and ends at 18.00 the following Sunday at 18.00. Christmas Eve: Starts December 23 at 18.00 and ends December 24 at 18.00 Christmas Day: Starts December 24 at 18.00 and ends December 25 at 18.00 New Year’s Eve: starts December 30 at 18.00 and ends December 31 at 18.00 New Year’s Eve Day: Starts 31 December at 18.00 and ends on 1 January at 18. Child’s birthday: If the child’s birthday falls on a scheduled school day, the parent’s time must be from 18.00 to 8.30 in the evening. If the child’s birthday falls on a non-school day, parenting time must be from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. If the child’s birthday occurs on the same day as a recognized public holiday, the parent’s holiday period will precede the birth date. Easter: If the children’s spring break does not include Easter, Easter must be practiced from the Friday before Easter at 18.00 until Easter Sunday at 18.00. Mother’s Day / Father’s Day: Child / children must be with their mother on Mother’s Day from 9:00 am to 18.00 and with their father on Father’s Day from 9:00 am to 18.00. B. SUMMER AND SCHOOL IS THE TIME FOR PARENTS WHEN THE BELOVED CHILD IS 3 YEARS OLD AND THE 2ND CHILD IS MORE THAN 1 YEAR OLD. Summer Break: Summer Break is defined as the period between the last day of school at the end of the school year until the school day resumes in the fall. Each parent must have one week (7 consecutive nights) of uninterrupted parenting time in July and August. If parents do not agree in writing (signed by both parents) about their summer time, we use them as follows: July/August summer parent time. Parenting time for non-custodial parents begins on the second Sunday in July and August at 18.00 and continues until these Sundays at 18.00. Parental time for holders of parental responsibility begins on the third Sunday in July and August at 18.00 and continues until these Sundays at 18.00. Spring and/or winter break: Parents must comply with the spring and/or winter break schedule for the school district in which the oldest child lives, is enrolled or will attend. Parenting time for spring and/or winter break is from 18.00 on the day school is closed, until 18.00 the day before school is to resume. Christmas/Holiday: Parents must comply with the Christmas/holiday schedule for the school district where the first child lives, is enrolled or will attend. In odd-numbered years: Father must have parenting time from Mother must have parenting time from 18.00 on 24 December to 18.00 on 31 December. Father must have parental time from 31 December at 18.00 to 18.00 days before the school has to start again. After that, the normal parenting schedule resumes. In even years: The mother must have parenting time from 18.00 on days when schools are off during the winter holidays, until 18.00 on 24 December. Father must have time to parent

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