Michigan Parenting Time Guidelines 2021

Michigan Parenting Time Guidelines 2021 – Child custody in Michigan is a complex issue. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered from the basics to the details. Proper planning can help you navigate a Michigan custody case. We invite you to explore our knowledge base.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Parents usually celebrate when a child is born, in child custody cases, parents usually don’t. Child custody in Michigan law comes from four sources: state, precedent, case law, and English common law.

Michigan Parenting Time Guidelines 2021

Michigan Parenting Time Guidelines 2021

Michigan custody law and Michigan divorce law state that custody courts must strive to promote a close relationship between parents and children. This requirement is subject to broad judicial interpretation when a custody dispute arises in Michigan. For some, custody in Michigan equates to parenting time and only equal parenting time can foster a close relationship with both parents. However, control and custody differ from parenting time in the best interests of the child (not the best interests of the parents). Custody in Michigan describes more than when each party spends time with the children.

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Most child custody cases in Michigan are resolved by agreement. Of course, if the parties cannot agree on custody in Michigan, custody is decided by the court. As with most negotiations, preparation is key. Simply put, guardianship in Michigan comes down to preparing and understanding the law that applies to your situation.

It’s easy to get lost among the trees when you should be focusing on the forest. However, we recognize that some people prefer specific details.

This page is dedicated to those people and has more information on all child protection issues. If you’re lost in the woods, call us, we know the law and we’re here to help. Below are resources and answers to your Michigan child custody questions. Of course, if you’re stuck, we’re here to help. We offer exceptional representation.

Most parents are awarded “joint legal custody” in Michigan. This means that the parties have equal access to the children’s educational, medical, religious and other documents. The parties shall jointly determine the need for elective medical treatment of a primary nature and shall jointly determine the religious and educational upbringing of the children. The parties reserve the right to notice of all parent/teacher conferences and any other activities (including sports) and/or school programs in which children and parents are invited to participate. The parties have the right to obtain copies of children’s cards, medical records and current photographs.

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“Custody” traditionally identifies the parent responsible for “managing” day-to-day decisions about raising a child.

Michigan courts are moving away from using the phrase “physical custody” and replacing it with more politically correct language such as “custodial parent” or not using the term at all. Therefore, it is not unusual for Michigan to award joint physical custody with one parent being the “primary” or “custodial” parent. The use of “primary” or “custody” has the same meaning as “physical custody”. If a court does not award a parent physical custody, the parent with the most parenting time is generally considered the “custodial parent” for income tax purposes.

Custody in Michigan always comes with a premium on parenting time. Custody in Michigan describes who is responsible for the child’s day-to-day care, and parenting time describes how often a parent spends with a child. Parenting time is like travel. Michigan custody and Michigan parentage are similar, however, the law is different. It is rare but not impossible in Michigan for one parent to have sole physical custody while the other parent spends more time with the children.

Michigan Parenting Time Guidelines 2021

Custody in Michigan (Modification): When fighting for custody in Michigan, a court follows two steps. However, if you are changing the custody order and the court is calling the initial burden, there is an additional step. To modify or modify custody in Michigan, you must first establish that there is good cause or a change in circumstances to modify a Michigan child custody order.

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Change of circumstances must also apply, as courts in Michigan refuse to modify custody unless there is very good reason.

The initial burden prevents many attempts to change custody in Michigan and prevents frequent changes of custody in Michigan.

The child looks to the caregiver of that environment for a significant amount of time for guidance, discipline, life needs, and parental comfort. Consideration is also given to the child’s age, the physical environment, and the duration of the caregiver’s and child’s relationship. See (MCLA 722.27(1).

Simply put, if a child lives with a parent for a period of time, that parent has a custodial environment. As a general rule, courts are reluctant to remove a child from an established custodial environment when considering custody in Michigan. After determining whether an established custodial environment exists, courts will consider the best interests of the child/children.

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Courts are required to consider the “best interests of the child” in child custody disputes. In Michigan child custody cases, the court must evaluate and combine the following factors to determine what is in the child’s best interest:

B) Love, affection, guidance and education by the parties involved and to continue to teach the children their religion or faith, if any;

C) the ability and attitude of the parties involved to provide food, clothing, health care and other care to the child;

Michigan Parenting Time Guidelines 2021

(d) the length of time the child has lived in a stable and satisfactory environment and the desire to maintain continuity;

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(i) the reasonable preference of the child, if the judge believes that the child is old enough to express a preference;

Article: Child’s Best Interest Factor (i) – “I want to live with him. . . “

J) the willingness and ability of each party to facilitate and encourage a close and permanent parent-child relationship between the child and the other parent or between the child and the parent;

Fighting for custody in Michigan can be difficult, stressful, expensive and complicated. In addition to being a friend of the court, a custody battle can also involve using an independent child custody evaluation to support a Michigan custody petition. Although most child custody evaluations are conducted with the assistance of a friend of the court, courts and clients often use an independent clinical or forensic psychologist, usually a Ph.D., to conduct a child custody evaluation.

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Unlike The Friend of the Court, which does not conduct objective tests, an independent clinical or forensic psychologist conducts psychological tests to support Michigan custody findings.

However, because custody evaluations can be expensive, time-consuming and stressful, they are primarily used in cases where serious issues arise about parental status or in contested custody cases in Michigan.

It is important to note that there is no psychological test that can accurately determine whether a particular custody or parenting time arrangement is in the child’s best interest. On the contrary, the psychological examination helps to formulate the best interest of the opinion of the child during the fight for custody in Michigan.

Michigan Parenting Time Guidelines 2021

Courts can use a friend of the court to review the 12 child custody factors that determine custody in Michigan. The friend of the court will make recommendations to the parties and the court regarding custody in Michigan. This process often helps people resolve a child custody dispute and if the parties can’t decide, the judge will decide.

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Although each case is unique, below is a sample of questions commonly asked to assess whether a child custody action is in the “best interests of the child”:

How do you feel about your children? How does your spouse feel about children? Describe your children’s relationship with you? Describe your children’s relationship with your spouse? Do you feel that the love and bond with your children is the same between you and your partner? How do your children know you love them? What would your children say if asked? What is [child’s name] favorite food? TV show, or books and/or stories? How has the divorce affected [child’s name]? What are you doing to address the effects of divorce on your children? What has your wife done to correct the effects of the separation on the children? Who is more likely to ask you about your child’s problems, achievements, adventures, knee-jerk comforts or shared joys after a proud victory?

B. What is the ability and attitude of the parties involved to continue to provide love, affection, guidance to the child and to educate and educate the child about his or her religion or belief, if any?

How do you show love and affection to children? How does your spouse show it?

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