Intentional Parenting Podcast

Intentional Parenting Podcast – As we head into summer, I thought of one of my favorite parents from the show to help us with some parenting ideas. Jess Klasnick is a mother of three, married to Matt, and lives in Breckenridge, Colorado. His family one day had a conversation about what was important to them, and the outcome of that conversation meant improving their current lives in order to achieve those dreams. They changed their goal of having 500 family jobs and found a way to separate their families and spend more time together.

They sold all their possessions, collected money, traveled the world for a year, thought of themselves as a “bucket list family”, and then decided to live more deliberately. For them, it means moving to a 2-bedroom apartment in the mountains and choosing a different lifestyle.

Intentional Parenting Podcast

Intentional Parenting Podcast

Jess gives us some great questions to ask our families. She gives us tips on how to prioritize our family time, as well as great advice on dreaming and making those dreams come true. Because you can build the life you want with your family. Jess dares to believe in different values ​​for our family.

Parenting With Intentionality

Every family is different, but I’m sure we’ve all learned something from quarantine. Jess helps us understand what the family wants.

We also talk to our kids about great summer ideas about ways they can be responsible, learn new things, and work as a team. Think homework, house managers, and give our kids the freedom to fail and try again. You can start today. “I have no greater joy than this. To hear that my children are on the path of truth. 3 John 1:4

Our passion is to see our children become “whole” disciples of Jesus, while helping others to do the same.

Leaders use their personalities intentionally to effect effective change and follow Jesus’ greatest example of leadership.

Sharing Christian Faith With Alex Earls — Janell Wood

We want to help tired, frustrated parents educate their kids through podcasts, lessons, and focused discussions with experts.

God wants your marriage to be good, not perfect, and every marriage has hope. We aim to educate men and women around the world about the truth that is the foundation of a healthy family.

For some time now, the desire of the Parents Group has been to invite anyone and everyone to learn how to train the next generation of passionate Christians. While none of us claim to know everything, we’re not even close! – This message has been the heartbeat of Phil and Dean’s call for four years. Barely figuring out how to pass on a living, persuasive faith to their children, they will spend the better part of their lives listening, learning, researching, studying, and practicing what they learn in this series. The rare north-westerly snow that had delighted me for several days now washed away with a cold, pitiful rain.

Intentional Parenting Podcast

In November 1979, seven months before our first child was born, Phil preached and gave ten reasons why we should all remember the Scriptures.

Intentional Partnerships Podcast Introduction — Parents As Teachers

We live in a time of constant change. The blackouts and disruptions of March 2020 have always brought us to a new way of life.

When our first child was a baby, my teacher asked Spirit to give me a verse to pray for him.

I just got back from camping for a few days with my two older kids.

It’s been a while since I’ve dared to open the news app on my phone. Every time I do, my peace escapes, my stomach tightens, and I stumble.

Intentional Motherhood: Who Said It Would Be Easy?

I don’t think there are any women who don’t ask if you want to go.

Tending his father’s sheep. He has no choice, no best life choice, and no one wants to see all of his potential.

In these oddly lonely days, with many businesses closed and extra time suddenly on our hands, he texted his friend Phil to chat.

Intentional Parenting Podcast

I couldn’t have imagined those years until a few days ago, sitting in the middle of my family, surrounded by four small children, taking in every ounce.

Not Just Cute, The Podcast: Intentional Whole Child Development For Parents And Teachers Of Young Children

The world outside the cabin window where I write is now dark. A stark silence except for mud, broken branches and dripping water.

Have you thought about what I wrote last week? The only solution that works for me every time anxiety ties me up in knots?

Waking up with that pit in my stomach, the heaviness in my chest, the pain in my shoulder, the tiredness before the day starts –

In a few hours I will be saying goodbye to some of my favorite people in the world. My daughter Elizabeth is going home with the four Dukes – Red, Red, Birdie and Sloan.

Connecting With Kids In A Disconnected World

Every little boy and every girl needs a man more than a parent. They need a father who loves them deeply. They need a father who will be with them not just for a month or a year, but for the rest of their lives. Apparently, Martha or Mary were not mothers, but these sisters knew a purposeful life. This week, Lee introduced Kate to her target friend, Susan Say.

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Intentional Parenting Podcast

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Shelf Help S2 Ep16

Get your kids ready for the next season. .

Susan Say, an intentional mother of seven, discusses how to parent with your family’s core values. Laugh with us as two Marthas and Marys discuss how to overcome extremes and teach children to be successful.

Show Sponsor: Many thanks to Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, author of Sacred Relaxation: Reclaim Your Life, Renew Your Energy, Reclaim Your Mind.

Today’s guest: Susan Say is an author, speaker, podcast host and host. It is on a mission to help parents of families with purpose, regardless of their busy lives. As a wife and mother, Susan understands the challenges of trying to raise children in a busy world. It’s more important than ever for parents to rise above the noise and raise a successful family. It is time to make a big shift in our homes, churches, and communities. Susan has had the opportunity to speak and lead at local churches, Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), regional conferences, and online trainings involving women from the Bahamas to Malaysia, Canada, and the United States. Contact Susan at her website.

Bully Proof Your Child (ep. 7)

As Lee and Cathy are both speakers, authors and business owners, we want to help get the word out about events, books and products through sponsorship opportunities. If you’d like to learn more about contributing to an episode (or two) of The Martha + Mary Show, please contact Katie.

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Intentional Parenting Podcast

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Podcast — Raising Boys & Girls

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