How To Ace Any Interview

This is the ultimate guide to answering tough interview questions!

Sample Interview Question: Your Future Plans

Q5. What’s the first thing you would do in this job if you are successful?

 What not to say:

Don’t say you would sit back and take your time to become accustomed to the role.

What to say:

  • Do say you already have a plan in place of what you intend to do.
  • Break it down into 3 things – learning the role quickly, fitting into the team and making an immediate impact!


“I would want to hit the ground running, and in order to order to achieve that, I would do three things. Firstly, I would learn the job as quickly as possible and in order to achieve that, I would take comprehensive notes and spend time reading up on the role during the evenings, once I got home from work.

Secondly, I would introduce myself to the team and get to know everyone as soon as possible. I feel it’s important that I fit in with the team quickly.

 Finally, I would want to undertake an important project or task to show you what I am capable of doing. Because you would be putting your trust in me, I would be keen to repay that trust by showing you what I am capable of doing within the role, quickly.”

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