Grey Rock Method Co Parenting

Grey Rock Method Co Parenting – Realizing that a partner, family member, friend or co-worker is selfish or at least toxic, that they simply don’t care about you because they lack empathy and only show that they care about you. to use and exploit and then throw away like a thing that never existed when a shiny new person shows up until they get bored and come back to beat you, the painful and destructive, manipulative roller coaster they put you through. raise it so high, release dopamine and then lower it, which causes so much stress, your cortisol levels rise, which creates that trauma bond that we continue to be hopeful with the fear of their bullies and the shreds of hope that feed us. that things change, only they never do. We move on because we are afraid of backlash if we stand up for ourselves and often become unwittingly aware of the demands of abuse. If we are to be brave enough to go, we must overcome the guilt.

No contact is always the best method and for some it is the only method. However, this is not always possible and the next best thing is the gray rock.

Grey Rock Method Co Parenting

Grey Rock Method Co Parenting

The Gray Rock Method is often used when you have a child with a toxic or selfish person or family member. Not having contact would mean cutting off other non-toxic family members. They just don’t see through the narcissistic family member yet.

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You must take back control of your mind, thoughts and feelings, leave alone that which does not bring peace; these things always come to mind; we just have to find ways to change them that work for us. Developing coping strategies, saying good positive things to yourself, looking for things to be grateful for, and finding ways to let go of the past is not an easy thing to do after narcissistic emotional abuse. . However, it is possible, especially when we take steps when we rush things, that we do not always get it right; as painful as it may be, facing the pain will someday release the pain.

You can have a happy home for yourself and your children. For many narcissists, you have to limit yourself to a lack of connection. However, this is not always possible when children see the narcissist.

Ignore what happens when your kids are with your ex; leave the former parent alone. Make sure you stick to your own boundaries and rules and parent your technology at home. Talk positively to your children so that they too get a positive mindset. Tell them they can get the things they want for them, to grow their mindset, validate their feelings so they don’t feel like a narcissist needs to understand them.

You can’t control how your ex talks to your kids; you can control how you treat them, how you talk to them and how you explain things to them.

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Never respond to your ex if they did something to or with the children that you don’t like; they will just do more – focus on yourself and your children instead.

A narcissist often craves attention; how they get this attention they don’t seem to care. When things are going their way, everything seems to be fine, although it is never fine, as we slowly lose who we are, like the children around them, and when we break out of this trance, drama and chaos unfold as we fight freedom and fight for control. Narcissists thrive on drama and conflict while we often dread seeing them and whatever game they play next.

As the saying goes: you can’t get blood from a stone. The narcissist can’t get a response from you if you don’t respond

Grey Rock Method Co Parenting

So you have to be a rock with them so they don’t get anything from you that would give the narcissist what they want from you.

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The idea behind the gray rock is that the narcissistic person will get bored and lose interest in you, leaving you alone; if they know you’re doing this, they know they can control you and do whatever it takes to get you to the gray stone.

It’s a learning curve and takes practice, so don’t worry if you falter sometimes. Like learning to balance walking or riding a bike, you learn to balance your emotions around someone who knows all your weaknesses and all your strengths and will use everyone against you to get your reaction and do their best to come their emotions out of balance every time they see you.

He tries to keep all conversations to a minimum and to the point. If you don’t need to talk to them, don’t. Just say hi when they pick up the kids so the kids know how to be great people, nothing else. Get the kids ready before you open the door so it’s quick with small talk. Avoid contact with them as much as possible. But don’t make a big deal out of it because it will only give them ammunition.

At a family gathering, try to avoid the narcissist and focus on the family members you enjoy spending time with, especially before the event, so you’re curious to see how well you can do when the narcissist comes to mind. If you start to feel anxious, remove these thoughts by learning to focus on what you are looking forward to and start seeing the event in a positive light as you want it to be so you don’t ruin the event. present negativity about future events that haven’t happened yet, your imagination is powerful and you can control it. Practice as our mind enjoys focusing on pain as it prepares us and protects us; however, sometimes it can only cause us more pain when we focus on things that bring us joy and bring us happiness.

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When you need to talk to them, stick to the point, answer business-like, and you should know. If they start asking more questions, give short, to-the-point, off-the-cuff answers that in no way lead to further conversation. Things like “No”. and yes.” or “mm.” Even “okay.” Don’t get carried away.

A simple yes and no will do when possible, but sometimes the question may mean you need to commit to an answer. If you’re not ready to commit, just reply, maybe, maybe, or we won’t see you again.

Avoid eye contact if possible; just look over your shoulder or ear. Don’t let them suck you in by using your emotions against you. You must become emotionally unpredictable to those who know how to use your emotions against you. Eye contact can help them up in a game where you have compassion and care for others, they are manipulative and can draw you in, so avoid eye contact.

Grey Rock Method Co Parenting

They might try to draw you in by playing nice, asking how you are or what you’ve been up to, or giving you a sob story so you feel sorry for them; if that doesn’t work, they can pick up on your biggest weaknesses, mistakes you’ve made, anything you don’t like when people know about you, your insecurities. They may be trying to wipe them down to get that reaction from you. Try to focus on the good things in your life when they do things that make you happy and let their words flow right through you, not into you. Does the viewer not absorb it, not watch their control games, see what they are trying to do, play the victim? Are you using triangle? Do you want to create insecurity in yourself? Are you trying to scare me? Recognize and understand that this has nothing to do with you; it’s all on them. Like poison, if we recognize it for what it is and let it go, everything will be fine. If we pick it up and drink it, it slowly infects us, so let’s watch their toxic behavior, don’t swallow us or recognize and tell ourselves the game they are playing (not them.), or think of something nice to do for yourself when you are away from their negative toxic mood.

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Do not chat about your personal life, even the smallest details. Keep calm about your life without them, and whatever answer you have to give, make it as boring as you can if they’re like you. Washing, gardening (until they are not interested in these things and find them boring) etc., try not to react; answers though a

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