Gospel Of Less Anxious Parenting

Gospel Of Less Anxious Parenting – The intense anxiety that many of us feel as new parents is connected to all the physical challenges – lack of sleep, hormonal changes, postpartum recovery, etc. – they can easily get us into a state of anxiety. This is added in cases where our baby is facing medical problems, colic, or other problems.

I’ve been there and I’m so grateful that I found a way out with the wisdom and support of baby expert Magda Gerber. Through Magda’s teaching, I learned that anxiety, fear, high involvement will cause more anxiety in our babies. Then, their unhappiness will make us more anxious, and so the process begins. In other words, the key to raising a less anxious, more confident child and enjoying our experience as parents can be as simple as staying calm.

Gospel Of Less Anxious Parenting

Gospel Of Less Anxious Parenting

Simple, of course, does not mean easy, but Magda suggested that parents start by changing our thinking and trust in our children’s abilities. In practical terms, this means:

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Instead of feeling the need to prevent or correct crying, we begin to accept it in order to understand and correct what is being said.

Instead of seeing emotions as a call to action, we work to stay calm and listen so our child can share and truly feel.

Instead of assuming that every complaint our baby makes indicates a deep need, we understand that babies cry to express a variety of thoughts and feelings, such as, “Yes, I have a stomachache,” “I’m tired,” . “Being in this car seat is annoying,” “Please! I’m hungry again!” Although all of our child’s communication deserves a quick response and acceptance, a quick and quick decision is sometimes required for the matter.

Maxine’s story illustrates these points more than ever, and I was touched when she told me:

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I want to share this video with you because it says something important. After 12 months of very stressful, high parenting help (some of which was due to my son’s severe childhood health issues with severe reflux and breathing problems), I found your website and books, things change. I have a diagnosis of adult ADHD, although our son is still very young, we started to worry about his temper. He needs help all the time, can’t make himself happy even for a few seconds, complains all the time… I, of course, started comforting him with the television, even though I know this is not what I want to do. I was depressed and wanted to rest. Many things are difficult. Driving will involve me

Learning for the first time words like “you don’t have to play with your child’s feelings” changed our lives. The only thing I’ve ever read before is a parenting philosophy that involves parents who believe that letting a baby cry for long periods of time is cruel and will hurt him. That’s why I work all day so that I don’t cry. It is Central Music. Apparently he brought it all up.

Now, finally, I’m listening. Just watch and listen. The TV was turned off for a week. If his complaint gives me a headache, I take paracetamol and stay with him and his worries. I’m not afraid of his feelings anymore. And now we have things like this happening: My son is stressed. My son plays by himself for about 10 minutes. My child knowing that it is good to express himself and not to cry or be impatient or try to shut him up. But it’s amazing. Thank you

Gospel Of Less Anxious Parenting

Please do. Many people should find this link. I saw everything well, but only for a week.

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We have now returned from a shopping trip. It hurts all over his car and I get frustrated and frustrated. Today, I pay close attention to her when she moans. Guess what? He doesn’t like to go too hard! It’s very simple, it’s clear… I tell him every time there’s a contraction and he says I’m sorry because he burst. He is happier than ever. The conclusion is that the cars are more interesting than complaints after a few moments, and it is!

I want you to help me meet my son. Now I’m excited about the journey ahead instead of worrying and feeling hopeless.

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