Gentle Parenting Tantrums

Gentle Parenting Tantrums – Gentle parenting is a style that advocates accepting children as they are and nurturing them to become the best version of themselves, not what we want them to be.

When I was expecting my baby, I was very confident that I was fully prepared to take care of my little one. But as they say, you’re never ready for parenthood until you do. And I learned this when I realized that my son reacts to situations more emotionally than other children his age. I prepared for ‘stress’ and ’emptiness’… but not for this. I began researching alternative parenting styles to learn how to better manage my highly sensitive child.

Gentle Parenting Tantrums

Gentle Parenting Tantrums

I came across the book Gentle Parenting by Sarah Oakwell-Smith. Gentle parenting is a style that advocates accepting children as they are and nurturing them to become the best version of themselves, not what we want them to be. This is essentially caring parenting and is very focused on the needs of the child and responsive to unmet needs.

Tips For Gentle Parenting

It stands on the four pillars of empathy, respect, understanding and boundaries. The gentle parenting style believes that tantrums are not because the child is behaving, but because the child is under a certain amount of stress. Rather than punishing or reacting harshly to such behavior, it is important to understand the root cause in order to avoid and resolve such behavior in the future.

It is also important to understand that children are not small adults. Their emotional maturity is still developing and to expect the same behavior we expect from adults, such as sharing toys, sitting quietly in a public setting, is beyond the understanding of a developing child’s brain. A gentle parenting approach requires parents to set their own expectations based on the child’s age. It does not mean lax parenting where every child’s behavior is accepted. This means setting firm boundaries around those few things that really matter, and being firmly and constantly reminded of those desired boundaries. Gentle parenting says that children mirror the actions of adults and that we should model the same behavior we want our children to display and act as a positive reflection of the children.

Whenever I watch television today, I am amazed at the amount of early education that the system forces on children. Everyone expects their child to become the next Steve Jobs before they are even born. Kids take coding classes before they even learn their ABCs!. As parents I believe we need to be very clear about one thing – let your kids be themselves! Often, when someone walks into a toy store, the first question that comes to mind is – is it for a girl or a boy? How does it matter? The girl can play with toy cars, while the boy can spend hours in his pretend kitchen. Why are designs and color palettes for girls full of all sorts of pinks and princesses and reds, blacks and superheroes for boys?

At least in the first few years of life, children naturally have a great deal of creativity and imagination. They do not immediately fall prey to the assumptions that have become part of our psyche. It is difficult, but not impossible, to free our children from such prejudices and let them explore their innate abilities. While learning their ABCs is important, more important is their interaction with their environment, which stimulates their natural curiosity and is their greatest source of learning. So I strongly believe in leaving my son alone and hope to encourage many parents and their children to do the same.

How To Deal With A 2 Year Old Tantrum Using Gentle Parenting

As quoted by author Naomi Eldort: “Children don’t need us to mold them, they need to respond to who they are.”

UPSC-CSE Dedicated Section with UPSC Key for Monday to Friday Subscribers, Daily Syllabus Focused on UPSC Essentials, Expert Talks, Weekly News and Keywords with MCQ Questions, Case Studies, Much More I By L.R. Got this quote from. Nost hadn’t been around for a while, and it’s become my go-to mantra for calming slumps, temper tantrums, and everything in between.

“When small people are overwhelmed by great emotions, it is our job to share our peace, not to join their chaos.”

Gentle Parenting Tantrums

Outbursts of anger are a completely normal part of a child’s development. This is how our little ones express themselves about everything from discomfort to not getting what they want. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t boring, frustrating and chaotic enough to try to expand them. Sometimes the feedback our children need most is the hardest to offer right now.

Baby Tantrums: Why They Happen And What To Do

In my experience, the most effective method of disarming angry outbursts is a calm, positive approach. Here are 5 simple tips for taming angry outbursts that can help you avoid meltdowns and keep your sanity.

It is quite true that children feed on our emotions. Treating your child’s tantrums with intense anger and frustration can make them worse rather than alleviated. Try to remove all emotions and focus on yourself, especially guilt or embarrassment, which can make strong emotions worse (remember, every parent has been there!), not on your child.

Does your child have a favorite book or cozy blanket? Offering these items can help comfort a child during a tantrum. Other tools can be a calming glass (like this one), relaxation activities like deep breathing or yoga positions, essential oils, and songs. When a meltdown occurs in a public place without access to these tools, try to remove them from the environment where the situation started. If your baby is running, throwing or hitting during a meltdown, assess the surroundings to ensure safety before approaching.

Hugs are a great diversion, but always ask them if they need a hug first. Studies have shown that proprioceptive input through hugging is extremely helpful in controlling the senses and helping to control anger. Something as simple as a firm hug can provide your baby with a sense of calm and bring them back into the moment.

Why You Shouldn’t Punish Tantrums And What You Can Do Instead Parenting From The Heart

Is there a pattern or trend where these angry outbursts occur? Say in the toy section at Target or while deciding what to wear in the morning? Research shows that the events leading up to an anger outburst can be important in whether or not it actually happens. It’s important to remember where and when your child is likely to have tantrums, or to avoid them altogether. Maybe avoid toys next time you’re at the store, or offer morning dress options to give your child a sense of control. Another thing to keep in mind is to choose your battles wisely. Ask yourself this question:

Examples: Something like wearing a helmet on a tricycle has potentially long-term effects and is likely to be an uphill battle. Forcing a child to hug a relative before leaving (and thereby causing an event) is probably not life-changing. Maybe talk later about hugging and why we show affection instead of getting emotional.

A surefire way to stop a rampage is to go deep or enter a rampage. For example, if a child begs for a lollipop after a meltdown in the candy aisle, giving him a lollipop will highlight the negative behavior and reinforce it for next time. If a child is repeatedly denied a lollipop, he may learn that throwing tantrums will not get him what he wants in that particular case. Be consistent and confident in your decisions, because you yourself know what is best for the child, and not the other way around.

Gentle Parenting Tantrums

Hey Mom, temper tantrums are hard to control! Check out our list of mental health tasks to encourage self-care and keep your sanity!

I Responded To My Toddler’s Tantrums With Empathy

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Year Old Tantrums, And How To Handle Them Like A Pro With Gentle Parenting (so You Don’t Feel Guilty Later!)

This list includes quotes from some of my favorite gentle parenting authors and blogs, and I’m sure you’ll pick up some words of wisdom from these experts to help you make the transition to gentle parenting.

If you are new to gentle parenting, read this blog post from me to learn what gentle parenting is and how to discipline.

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