Crackers Parenting With Creativity

Crackers Parenting With Creativity – My 3 year old son loves dry goldfish. Every time he looked for food, he looked for golden fish. Personally, I don’t really care for them and have often wondered why little kids like them so much. And finally I understand why. This is because we encourage our children to love them as they will be in every situation of their little lives! At home, on the road, at church, at friends’ houses, at preschool…etc. Either way it’s a cracker for little kids. Making your own crackers can be scary, but once you do, you’ll realize how easy it is and how amazing ‘baby’ crackers are! This Homemade Cracker Recipe is one of our favorite things to make together in the kitchen!

These healthy homemade crackers can replace our old friend Gold……. They are full of nutrients and delicious! (For toddlers and adults) The great thing about homemade crackers is that you can change the recipe and make them different every time. Here are some ideas to try:

Crackers Parenting With Creativity

Crackers Parenting With Creativity

We like to get our kids involved by letting them cut out any shape they want. It’s fun to be creative!

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Bake them on paper for easier cleaning! You can combine many things on a baking sheet and it cuts down on the time it takes to complete the process.

We put whole grains in these cookies with a combination of whole grains, wheat flour, and wheat germ. This cereal provides plenty of fiber and B vitamins for your growing little ones. We also use real cheddar cheese which adds a lot of flavor and protein.

Your curious child won’t even know there’s so much food packed into each cracker. They will just love the delicious taste and crunchy texture. Homemade breads are a little lighter than regular store bought ones so I think they are easier for kids to eat.

And at the same time, you can steal a few for yourself! We love our crackers with different toppings and incorporate them into our meals! They are perfect for a homemade lunch!

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Calories: 432 kcal Carbohydrates: 38 g Protein: 15 g Fat: 26 g | Saturated fat: 8 g | Cholesterol: 28 mg Sodium: 334 mg Fiber: 6 g | Sugar: 1 g

I am a registered dietitian, mother of 4, food lover and strong positive attitude developer. Here you’ll find tons of delicious recipes filled with fruits and vegetables, tips to help kids eat better and be smarter eaters, and tons of resources to feed your family. Is it amazing? Julia Collins thinks it’s possible, and wants to prove her theory with Moonshot crackers, “the first eco-friendly snack product,” launching in late 2020. Sustainable food is organic, kosher, plant-based, non-GMO. It is made without sugar in a carbon-neutral way and – with a content that reflects renewable agriculture – it shows the potential for carbon stabilization found in Mother Nature.

Collins believes that something as simple as a dry bag can help solve some of the biggest social problems we face, from the climate crisis to racial injustice. She is an experienced and successful entrepreneur who made headlines after becoming the first black female founder. Another unicorn company — Zume Pizza — was valued at over $2 billion in 2018. Now, in 2021, Collins is more than the founder with a track record: she is a mother to save the planet.

Crackers Parenting With Creativity

Serious and forward-thinking, the Moonshot brand encourages consumers to think not only about taste, but the soil, air and water effects with every bite. “Join the eco-friendly food movement,” raves the back of the box.

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Here, I spoke with Collins about the origins of Moonshot and parent company Planet FWD, how his company tackles issues of racial justice, and why the time is right to be a business leader focused on environment, especially in the African-American community.

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Eva Turow-Paul: Your work is often on the intersection of art and food. What first led you to enter the food space and why do you continue to incorporate technology?

Julia Collins: Throughout my life I have been one whose origins lie at the intersection of food and art. I have always believed that the best times in life are when people feel the best and the safest. We are more connected and happier when we share food together. So I always wanted to be part of that world. Also, I have been active all my life. I went to Harvard to study bioengineering, and I was young when I learned about the hydroponic gardening science fair. So those have been two of my lifelong passions. Food is a way to connect with people. And art is a means of happiness.

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When I became a mother and had this little person to take care of, that’s when I felt like I found my true calling in the profession because I realized that I could use my love of food and art to make an impact. Change of weather. I thought, “Oh my God, this is the most important thing I can do in my entire life, is to work on this.” In fact, it is a privilege to be alive and to be at the level I am working at. It’s a bit heavy and heavy in that narrow window when something can still be done.

Turow-Paul: What was the first step in creating what you call “the first eco-friendly snack brand”? How did you take such a big project and turn it into actionable levels?

Collins: We have this narrow window of time to take the maximum action that can prevent the worst that can happen. At first, it was terrifying, paralyzing and overwhelmed me. But, when I leaned towards him and sat with him, I realized that another way of looking at him is a great privilege—I have the knowledge and ability to be someone who works. How to grieve a late birth. So instead of being afraid of the magnitude of what we have to achieve now, why not celebrate your ability to act when the time is right?

Crackers Parenting With Creativity

What I’ve learned that makes me happy is taking the next best step. [Climate crisis] is a big problem. And if you try to think of a perfect solution, you quickly get to the point where you think of all the places where it could go wrong, all the places where you could go wrong, all the places where you are. It will fail and, for most of us, it will force you to even do one thing. But if you instead think about what’s the next best thing you can do, you can get into the habit of moving on and taking the next best step quickly.

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I try to break down complex problems into functional parts. [With Moonshot], the first thing I thought was, ‘Why don’t I try to create healthy food for my son?’ I didn’t think about the new product lines or the software tools we were building. So I did, and that led to the next and the next.

Collins: We just ate a lot of crackers at home. And I just thought, “What if for every box of crackers we eat, we can remove the carbon?” And I thought about how this scale could grow over time and multiply housing for every family across the country and across the world. Snacks are a $605 billion global category, and nearly 94% of US consumers report eating them daily, and most snacks account for the majority of our calories. It’s a good place to start.

Turow-Paul: I’m interested in your decision to create a library of ingredients to provide other food brands with the resources they need to create their own eco-friendly products. Why did you take this up, what stage is Planet FWD in and what do you plan to do with this program?

Collins: I thought to myself that there had to be some structural information where I could look up a part and see who was growing it, what practices they used, and the results of those practices. And it just doesn’t exist. And I thought that anyone who wants to create a sustainable product or environment needs the kind of information I’m looking for. So perhaps the best next step is not only to create these opportunities for yourself, but to write the software to create them.

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