Comic About Parenting Struggles Codycross

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Brian Gordon – artist and father of two – has been teasing parenthood ever since he became one. In order to stay healthy and close to other parents, he shamelessly started making funny comics because it’s true – and we can’t stop laughing.

Comic About Parenting Struggles Codycross

Comic About Parenting Struggles Codycross

After bringing his first child home from the hospital, Brian convinced himself that he was the worst parent ever, that is, until he started sharing his insecurities with other parents who completely understood his struggles. From there, she decided to start writing anything and everything about parenting – from boredom and spitting out the hundredth – in cartoons, and now it’s her favorite thing to do.

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“Being a parent can be very painful and I think sharing your frustrations with other parents and laughing is the best thing we can do to keep each other healthy,” Brian said. And you keep us all healthy, you are. His comics were such a hit in the parenting world that he was able to collect his comics into his first book, which should undoubtedly be among the children’s crap on every parent’s coffee table.

Read on to see Brian’s funniest jokes, purchase his book Bird Language: Welcome to Parenthood ($12), patronize his work for a behind-the-scenes look, shop his designs at Society6 and Zazzle, and follow five. . on Facebook to see your new jokes.

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Comic About Parenting Struggles Codycross

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