Co Parenting With A Drug Addict

Co Parenting With A Drug Addict – Some of the reasons a parent may lose custody of a child may surprise you. There could be a few reasons.

Each reason for losing custody of a child will teach you what a judge must do in a family court to obtain custody.

Co Parenting With A Drug Addict

Co Parenting With A Drug Addict

This article provides insight into the most common and uncommon reasons why a parent may lose custody of a child. It also explains how the specific facts of a case can affect a family court’s decision. We even give you examples!

Reasons To Lose Custody Of A Child That May Surprise You

You will understand that losing custody of a child is often the result of child abuse, neglect, knowingly false allegations of child abuse, or a finding of domestic violence.

If you have valid legal reasons and evidence to support your claims, you give the judge a reason to change custody.

You will learn that lack of co-parenting and even parental alienation can be grounds for losing custody of a child.

The reasons for loss of parental rights written in this article are not the only ones that exist.

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This article is intended for those who have or expect to have custody issues in California.

What we write only applies to California. This article is not legal advice. Please do not use this as a substitute for legal advice. Testimonials are not a guarantee, warranty or prediction of the results you may achieve in your case. Each case depends on its own facts.

To continue, click on each chapter image to scroll down to that section. In each section, we understand what it can take to lose custody of a child if a parent does any of the following:

Co Parenting With A Drug Addict

If you would like to see a video about what it takes to lose custody of a child, please watch the video below. If you want to understand the topic on a deeper level, watch the video before reading this article.

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We hope you enjoy this video about some of the most common and surprising reasons for losing custody of a child. A transcript of the video for the disabled is also available here.

If you are facing an abusive, neglectful or unreasonable parent in a child custody case, you need help.

A parent who is physically abusive or has been cowed into knowingly making false accusations should not have the same parenting time as a kind and loving parent.

This article focuses only on what can happen in family law. We do not handle dependency court (sometimes called children’s court) or criminal cases. We also do not write about cases of termination of parental rights.

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In family law, a judge can award joint or sole custody and joint or sole physical custody.

Loss of custody of a child is generally a loss of joint legal and/or physical custody. Visits may also be restricted or monitored.

Physical abuse of children often results in cuts, scars, bruises and burns. Abusers may use hands, feet or objects such as belts.

Co Parenting With A Drug Addict

Physical abuse of children can be disguised as physical punishment. There is a fine line between appropriate discipline and abuse. Some parents decide to go beyond that limit. This is often the result of an inability to manage anger.

How To Overcome An Addiction

Physical abuse sometimes stems from the parents’ own mental or psychological disturbances. It is common for children to be physically abused by physically abusive parents. This is called the abuse cycle.

Other parents suffer from a lack of anger management skills, which manifests in abuse. Abuse can manifest from substance abuse.

There are various reasons why parents abuse their children. They are all astray. Judges rarely hesitate to take custody of a child from a physically abusive parent.

Child abuse should be reported to the appropriate authorities, including the police and the local social services agency. Certain individuals are mandated reporters under California law.

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In the context of a family court case, California law is very clear that physical abuse is the proper reason to lose custody of a child.

Abuse of children can lead to loss of legal custody and physical custody. Parenting time can be limited to supervised visitation or no visitation at all.

A physically abusive parent may lose all contact with the child, depending on the severity and frequency of the abuse.

Co Parenting With A Drug Addict

Losing custody of a child during divorce or parenting cases is often brought to the court’s attention.

Family Drug Court Community Of Learning: July 2014

This request includes an affidavit and proof of abuse. If the parent needs the orders immediately, the request for the order is sometimes submitted as an urgent application.

An emergency petition requires that the child or children are in imminent danger. If there is no imminent threat, a request for an order is routinely sent.

During a hearing, a family court judge determines whether there is sufficient evidence of abuse and makes appropriate orders.

A judge may consider that a child welfare investigation or a private child custody evaluation is necessary. In that case, he can hire a private child welfare evaluator or child welfare investigator.

Court Ordered Hair Follicle Drug Test For The Child Custody Case

Such persons investigate cases of abuse and report them to the court. A judge has the authority to contact social services or involve law enforcement.

A family court judge’s focus in a child custody case is on the best interests of the child. That focus means that all measures that are reasonably necessary to protect the child are usually taken.

Much of what we have written about physical abuse applies to sexual abuse. Loss of custody of a child due to sexual abuse.

Co Parenting With A Drug Addict

Sexual abuse takes many forms. It may include overt and generally coercive sexual acts or indecent exposure. Sexual abusers were found in all age groups and demographics. There is no one-size-fits-all profile.

Alcohol & Other Drug Use & Parenting

Any parent who allows sexual abuse to continue is committing an act of serious child abuse through neglect.

Such a parent may find he or she loses custody, especially if law enforcement and social services become involved.

Our focus is how California Family Code 3048 defines it. It’s a very long piece of code, so we won’t post the text here. We still encourage you to read it.

Whether this results in a total loss of legal and physical custody or a temporary one depends on the severity of the kidnapping.

Signs That A Parent Is Toxic

Of course, there is a difference between taking a child from one California county to another, hiding it, abducting the child, taking the child abroad, and returning the child when one realizes the danger of the act. Return him or her.

Means of obtaining legal and physical custody of a child resulting from threatened or actual abduction is beyond the scope of this article.

Our law firm has experience with such cases and you should hire an experienced family law lawyer for such cases.

Co Parenting With A Drug Addict

A parent who makes a knowingly false accusation of physical or sexual abuse against another parent is just as dangerous as a parent who abuses a child.

Tips For Parenting In Recovery Everyone Should Know

Of course, it depends on the seriousness of the allegation and whether a parent can prove a knowingly false allegation.

An example is a false allegation of sexual abuse. California Family Code 3027.5 states the following and gives special attention to the highlighted portions. This is the code section as of January 1, 2021, so it may be different when you read this. Code categories may change from year to year.

“(A) The parent shall not be subject to supervised visitation, nor shall the parent’s care or visitation of the child be denied, and parental rights or visitation rights shall not be limited solely because the parent has done any of the following:

(2) Otherwise act lawfully on the basis of reasonable belief to determine whether the child has been subjected to sexual abuse.

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(b) If the court finds substantial evidence that the child reported sexual abuse with the intent to interfere with the other parent’s lawful contact with the child, the court may order supervised visitation or limit the parents’ custody or visitation. Whether in a child custody case or at some other time, the reporting parent knew of the error at the time it was made. Restrictions on custody or visitation, including orders for supervised visitation pursuant to this section, or a law that requires a false report of child abuse to be filed, must only be imposed after the court has decided that the restriction is necessary to protect health. , the court considered the child’s safety and well-being, and the state’s policy of ensuring frequent and sustained contact for children with both parents, as declared in subdivision (b) of § 3020.”

As you continue to read this article about reasons a parent can lose custody of children, we want you to know that the attorneys at our premier family law firm are just a phone call or online request away.

Child neglect can be a form of abuse. We call it “neglect” because this type of abuse is usually the result of inaction.

Co Parenting With A Drug Addict

Lack of feeding or dressing

How Addiction Affects The Parent Child Relationship

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