Christian Parenting Teen Retreat

Christian Parenting Teen Retreat – We know that being a parent is hard work and there is a lot of pressure to provide for your children and make sure they succeed. Of all the things we give to our children there are two gifts that surpass all others: the gift of our time and the gift of a relationship with Jesus. A great way to share these two wonderful gifts with your children is to spend a special time together for both of them. That’s why we created the parent/child retreat with you and your child in mind. And, in case you need convincing here are seven reasons why a weekend is a great idea!

1. Maximize the time you have with your child and build lasting memories. We can all attest to how quickly the years go by, especially as our children enter their early years. You are only at this stage with your child for a while, so why not maximize your time with memories that will last a lifetime? To help preserve the memories of your weekend, we even have a professional photo set and printed picture of you and your child to take home.

Christian Parenting Teen Retreat

Christian Parenting Teen Retreat

2. Remove distractions to focus on the most important things. Let someone else do the planning and cooking while you focus on fun, intentional time with your child. We provide healthy, hearty and kid-friendly meals while accommodating guests with special dietary restrictions. All you have to do is register, show up, and enjoy a stress-free weekend with your child.

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3. Empower and encourage them in your role as a parent. Did you know that we have designated sessions for parents where you can be inspired and equipped for your role as a parent? Parenting is the most important job we have, and the hardest. Get together with other parents at your same stage of life and grow together as your children play in one of our children’s sessions.

4. Try something new with your child that you can’t do at home. Jump up in the trees on a flying squirrel, try archery or ax throwing, climb a wall, or enjoy the fresh air while eating Marianne’s ice cream around the camp.

5. Spend time intentionally growing in your faith together. On our Parent-Child trip, there is a time to sing praise and worship, listen to nature Bible teaching, read the Bible and pray together. The best way to help our children grow spiritually is to imitate them. There is no one better to show them how to connect with Christ than you.

6. Play and laugh with your child. Play laser tag, these races, or board games, take a night swim or morning hike, eat ice cream or make s’mores, watch silly skits or laugh around camp, do something unique in the cabin craft or take a challenge together. . a game of pool, table tennis, air hockey or carpet football in our games room. There are many options when choosing a weekend away with your child in Mount Hermon.

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7. Go out together. Put away the laptops, tablets and screens and spend time face-to-face and side-by-side smelling the fresh air and challenging yourself with one of our adventure activities. Throw an axe, try archery, climb a wall or fly high into the trees with a flying squirrel. Enjoy volleyball, swimming, tetherball, shuffleboard, ladder ball, corn hole, dodge ball, or square. Play basketball on our sports court or play catch on the lawn. You can’t beat being outside all weekend with your child.

With spring and summer options in Santa Cruz and Northern California there is no reason not to spend a special weekend with your child intentionally focusing on Christ and your relationship with each other. We get a limited number of years with our children and a retreat at Mount Hermon is the perfect way to maximize your time! Friday, November 196:00 pm – Our Family Dinner 7:00 pm – First Session 1 (Childcare) 8:00 pm – Q & A8:30 pm – Event Saturday, November 208:30 am – Divine Liturgy 9: 30am – Continental Breakfast 10:00 am – Key Session 2 (Child Care) 12:00 pm – Our Lunch 1:00 pm – Key Session 3 (Child Care) 2:30 pm – Q & A 3:15 pm – Departure

Christos Anest! Christ is risen! Help us advertise by sharing the brochure we’ve put together, along with our playlist. Also, please sign up by air this Sunday to volunteer to help out over the weekend, or call a booth chair listed in the May bulletin you received last week. Thank you for helping our 2022 Greek Festival be a success! In Christ’s Service, Church Officials Announce GRK-FEST-22 Menu SCA.pdf

Christian Parenting Teen Retreat

We hope you have a blessed week from FR. George’s Desk ABOUT GOD’S PARENTS “You who have been baptized into Christ, put on Christ; Hallelujah.” My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, the role of God’s Law in the Orthodox Church is very important. As the original Greek word Anάδοχος (=Νονός / Νονά in Modern Greek) means, God the Father is the person who accepts the newly baptized child in the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. From the beginning of Infant Baptism, the Father assumes the very important responsibility of guiding and bringing the infant within the Ancient Church, its Doctrine, its Tradition, and the liturgical and sacramental life, in cooperation with the parents, in complementary cooperation. With parents, God the Father has the unique and sacred responsibility of knowing and having the joy of helping with spiritual growth. We appreciate your care. We use cookies and other technologies to make the site reliable and secure, to customize your experience, to measure site performance and to display relevant offers and advertisements, as described in the Privacy Policy come. You agree!

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Returning to the church can provide a much-needed change of perspective, creating a space where new relationships can grow and new ideas can be thought through without the distraction of everyday life. Here are 60 ideas you can use to plan your next church retreat and make sure all those ideas add up to a useful and impactful time.

Church retreats are a great way for students, seniors and couples in your community to intentionally pause life for a while and begin to effect real change. By combining the big theme with a lot of thinking and prayerful thinking, you can begin to create that life-changing opportunity that God opens up in a special way in church retreats.

Julie David is married to a pastor, after 20 years in the ministry with three daughters, she still maintains a delicate balance of skin and a gracious heart. She currently leads a small group of high school girls.

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Try closing and reopening your browser before trying again. You can get assigned to a healthier server as a result! If this problem persists, please email us at [email protected] Sorry for the inconvenience! Whether we like it or not, we are in the middle of a culture war – and that war is based on family. What is the purpose of the family? Are our churches giving young men and women a chance to succeed as husbands or wives and parents? In this episode we share a recent interview of Dr. Rob Rienow with Chris Brooks – host of Equipped with Chris Brooks on Moody Radio. Chris and Rob talk about important cultural issues related to family, marriage, and society. Learn more about Chris Brooks at Read more

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Christian Parenting Teen Retreat

Ep. 1: Discover God’s Purpose for your family with Dr. Rob & Amy Rienow October 26, 2020

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Join Dr. Rob and Amy Rienow for practical, inspiring and real conversations about faith and family. Each event will give you hope and encouragement to grow in your faith and strengthen your family. Visionary is a podcast ministry of Visionary Family Ministries.

The most important work of Dr. Rob Rienow is loving his wife Amy and working with her to lead their seven children to love God. He is the founder of Visionary Family Ministries, a pastor, international conference speaker, and author of several books including Visionary Parenting and Visionary Marriage. When Rob isn’t fishing for men, he likes to fish. The Rienow family lives in West Chicago, IL.

Amy’s primary ministry is loving her husband and raising faith in her seven children. He and Rob founded and lead Visionary Family Ministries, a ministry created to equip parents, encourage couples, and help families live for Christ. He attended the University of Illinois, and then Wheaton College Graduate School, where he earned an MA in Medical Science. woman

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