Catholic Parenting Books

Catholic Parenting Books – There are many, many parenting and marriage books out there. It’s actually kind of great, isn’t it? I’ve read and liked some of them but recently spent some time re-reading some things I read a long time ago when I was a young single that was collecting loans and filling my stomach with ramen noodles. While I loved them back then and they helped put me on the path to my calling, as I read it again now as a wife and mother….woah. Everything is very true and applies to me right here, right now.

I think there is sometimes a misunderstanding among lay Catholics that there is nothing to help us as spouses and parents especially from the Church. There is no practical help or teaching or resources to guide us and draw from it when we make decisions for our children and try to live up to this vocation of marriage. There is a feeling that we have been thrown into the water and we should just swim even though most of us never learn how and no one teaches us how to do it. We thought we just had to make up for it in whatever way seemed reasonable. Then we were shocked when we kept gasping for air and felt like we were drowning and no one cared.

Catholic Parenting Books

Catholic Parenting Books

But not like that! The Church, in fact, has given us a lot to take away! We just have to want to find it and want to read it. Remarkably, the three articles that I would recommend are written with the aim that living, breathing, and normal people read them. So you don’t have to be intimidated or feel like you can’t. to understand them. I wouldn’t say they are easy to read but they are definitely manageable and provide a frame of reference and confidence to apply to ALL the other decisions we have to make as parents. They are relatively short and written for you! It makes sense to first seek our first directive on marriage and parenting from the Church before turning to lay experts. Don’t rush but spend some time with them. Read slowly. Pray with them. Take a highlighter and make notes in the margins. Maybe read it with your partner or with a group of books to gain more knowledge and understanding. These posts are written to be read and used! They carry with them the capacity to transform and truly transform our understanding and the lives of our vocations.

A Guide To Trustworthy Catholic Publishers

It’s a shame that it appears that only one of them is still in print and can be purchased cheaply, although second-hand copies are available. BUT they are all available to read for free on the Vatican website.

So here’s my list of three books I hope every Catholic couple and parent should read:

This is the main reading on the Church’s teachings about the family, parents, children and how the family should interact and be considered in relation to the rest of society. It addresses the entire nucleus of the family, its mission in society, education, relationships in the home, sexuality, family prayer, family rights, children’s rights, parents, irregular situations, and more. How can we live a good parenting and family life if we don’t understand the basics of what God created and what we are called for? You may think you know, but I can truly guarantee you that reading this will change your life and strengthen your calling. Every time I read it, I am struck by something beautiful in it.

“Every family finds within itself a quote that cannot be ignored, and which defines both its dignity and its responsibilities: the family, being what it is… the family has a mission to preserve, express and communicate love”. (FC, 17)

What We’re Reading: Library Edition

Many of the themes of the Familiaris Consortio are found in Letters to Families but in much more dense, specific, and understandable language. This letter is literally written TO the family…it’s you! If the Pope wrote us a letter, we might have to be careful to read it, you know? JPII knows what happened. He knows how the modern world complicates family life. He knows the many threats to family life. He knows modern ways of thinking that threaten the health of the family. The letter talks a lot about education, about the dignity of motherhood, the importance of fathers, responsible parents, how to care for and raise babies and children, how to relate to society, and much more.

“The command “honor your father and your mother” indirectly tells parents: Respect your children and your children. They deserve it because they live, because they are who they are, and this is true from the first moment of their conception. ” (15 )

“How should I teach my kids about sex?!?” Well, there is real direction and help from the Pontifical Council for Families in this! It has very clear guidelines on the protection of innocence, on the stage of child development, on modesty, four principles on the transmission of information about sexuality, as taught by the beauty and joy of a truly positive Christian understanding of sex, and much more. again. It illustrates VERY clearly the rights of parents when it comes to sex education in schools, the primacy of the role of parents in teaching about sexuality, and which methods and approaches are immoral and unacceptable. Don’t read a book on this subject before reading this!

Catholic Parenting Books

“The role of parents in education is so important that it is almost impossible to find an adequate substitute.” (23)

Picture Books For Teaching Kids To Be Stewards Of Creation

There are also other writings from the Church that are useful for understanding and properly living marriage, parenting, and family, but I think these are the most practical and easy to read and apply. They talk about school, about friendship, about sex, about life giving birth, about marital problems, about pornography… it’s all there. There is so much wisdom to unlock and it is very useful to read and study it well. Gaudium et Spes, Humanae Vitae, Casti Connubi, Theology of the Body, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church also have beautiful guidance and words for those of us who live this vocation of marriage and family. We are not alone in this difficult parenting task and help is there, along with, of course, the supernatural graces that are spread upon us through the sacrament of marriage. We just need to use it. Catholic parents seeking spiritual knowledge and practical wisdom can find plenty of advice in Catholic parenting books and Catholic resources on YouTube. Remember that the most important work you will ever do starts at home!

Drew and Katie Taylor continue the series Catholic Family Rules of Life, see part 4 – Catholic Parenting! LINK IN BIO!

As Catholic parents, Drew and Katie dive into how to prioritize one of God’s greatest missions, parenting! Together they learn and try many different parenting methods. Drew has a master’s in moral theology and Katie has a master’s in marriage and family counseling, together they have brought 6 tips to help you become a successful and faithful parent! Parenting is one of God’s greatest missions to you!

There are many good books for Catholic parents with knowledge and wisdom that will guide you to lead your children in the faith with grace and benevolence. Here are some Catholic parenting books we recommend. Remember, you don’t have to read them all at once! Choose one and be the process of growing closer to Christ with your family.

Always A Catholic: How To Keep Your Kids In The Faith For Life—and Bring Them Back If They Have Strayed

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Catholic Parenting Books

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