Avi Fishoff Twisted Parenting

Avi Fishoff Twisted Parenting – WATCH: R’ Menachem and Devora Rosenzweig open up about the final years they spent with their 19-year-old daughter, Dina Leah Rosenzweig, before she was tragically killed in a car accident. full story video

As Twisted Parenting reaches the $770,000 mark on the fourth day of the Avi Fishoff fundraiser, it is startlingly clear how Klaal Yisroel has shown pain to families and their children in the most incredible ways possible.

Avi Fishoff Twisted Parenting

Avi Fishoff Twisted Parenting

Charity is unique because there is no overhead, no salary, and Avi works with parents themselves to find what they need and puts it directly into the hands of the people who need them in their children’s lives. It is necessary to save .

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Avi gave his life to these families expecting nothing in return for their love and dedication to their children and each other. He personally ensures that every penny in the KIP fund goes directly to the parents for their KIP.

“I have sent Avi Fishoff for support and guidance to countless parents dealing with children in distress. Every parent is eternally grateful,” says Rabbi Moshe Feiglin, director of the Aaliyah Institute. “His support goes out to the whole family. It was a game. changer. Whatever money Avi makes goes to help their struggling families and helps them support their holy children. Helping these children is the best segula to dance our own children!”

“TP is working,” says a TP family that is under Avi’s personal care. “He is 100% committed to your family and if you follow his guidance exactly what you need, you see results almost immediately.”

“It’s really all we know instinctively when we approach yid as chasidim,” says Rabbi Yosef Wigler, one of the Lubawicher rabbonim that TP parents and Evies learned about Halachic matters. Advised about getting up. “You first look at your child as one. We look at him with an absolute sense of love and feel the privilege that Hashem has given us as parents instead of being blocked by a sense of failure in this nephesh elokis. To turn around.”

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“Your child is beautiful if, Abishteer’s,” continues Rabbi Wiggler. “A level-headed, nice Jew who walks into your Chabad house and you’re their Schlich. And you have so much hushpa on them. It’s your first step to healing. We’re really good at it. It’s a long but short road.” But eventually, they want to come back, they will want to follow your path.

“Don’t push it, you just create a space they can go into. And that’s what Evie Fishoff trains her parents to do. And it works.”

VIDEO: R’ Menachem and Devorah Rosenzweig of Five Towns, NY talk about how Twisted Parenting and Evie Fishoff helped reunite them with their daughter, Dina Leah Rosenzweig. Tragically, he was killed in a car accident at the age of 19.

Avi Fishoff Twisted Parenting

The “TP Crisis Center”, which Evie opened in Brooklyn, is perhaps the only center in the world that offers parents treatment for teenagers and young adults who are not currently openly religious, and in addition to alcohol and drugs. Pikach Nephesh fought against such conditions. like drug addiction. , a unique combination of personal expert guidance with respect and honor to Das Torah; Not any cost for the family in crisis.

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A parent of TP said, “After trying so many other methods to deal with a child out of our control, we were lucky enough to finally find Evie, who personally took the time, interest and so much patience.” , guided us with experience and expertise.. We now realize that the other methods we tried (and paid a lot of money to learn) made our situation worse. Under Avi’s guidance, everything changed and started to go in the right direction.”

Another TP family says, “Before we walked into Avi’s office, we felt like we were all alone in the world and no one would understand what we were going through.” “But after coming to Avi, not only do we get his understanding and guidance, but we are part of a group of over 500 parents who are strong that everyone is in the same situation. I can’t even express how powerful it is for us as well as how nice it is for both of us parents to be part of a group where we have to refuse to express every aspect or feel embarrassed or afraid of our journey.

Avi’s approach to twisted parenting is single-handedly changing the world, one family at a time, one KiP at a time. Please help support this incredible movement. It saves lives, it saves families. Every day, children born from homes die. Being rejected and abandoned by their schools, communities, and sometimes tragically, their families, they often seek dangerous ways to soothe their pain. Today, help support Avi Fishoff’s revolutionary and life-saving “Twisted Parenting” program. Full Story

“Children born from homes die every day. Rejected and abandoned by their schools, communities, and sometimes tragically, their families, they often seek dangerous ways to soothe their pain, says Rabbi Simeon Russell LCSW. “Avi Fishoff, founder and director of Home Sweet Home (2003-2014) and Twisted Parenting/TP, developed a program that reverses that pattern and effectively keeps these children outside the door of death, and Back in the embrace of their parents, families , and homes.”

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There is no person on the planet who wakes up one morning and decides to stop being a functioning member of society. No one chooses to suffer from mental illness, addiction or any life changing issues.

Therefore, when we see someone who is struggling to behave as a productive member of their community, we must realize that there is a history, a reason, behind their behavior – from that moment. .

“I personally know dozens of families whose children have been brought back from the brink after working with Avi, but I think this is well known,” shares Rabbi Shays Taub. What many people don’t know is that it’s not just these families that come back. from crisis, they recover in many ways and become some of the most loving, connected families in our communities.”

Avi Fishoff Twisted Parenting

Avi currently guides hundreds of parents whose children are struggling, and sometimes dealing with life-threatening challenges.

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“When we started working with Avi and doing TP, our whole house changed. No more useless fighting. No more power struggles. We have a calmer home now—which is the healthiest way for all our other children,” says a parent who currently works with Avi. “And our Sholom Beis has never been stronger.”

Although Avi is a leading expert in his field, if a question arises that touches on halacha or hashkaf, he will not advise parents without a conference with both the parents and their rao. This ensures that his leadership is not only practically helpful, but he always takes care and respects that everything is advised and followed. He is under the complete supervision of Rao.

“Avi Fishoff has a gift and a vision to guide parents to find their way to reach their children. I have never seen anyone have such success,” says Rabbi Levke Kaplan, who is one of the Lubavicher Rabbonim that Evie and the parents work in consultation with when halachic problems arise. “Avi is indeed a revolutionary figure in developing an approach that works from the established and rooted and adheres to Torus Ames, rather than the psychological approach, mental health professionals, etc. This is Neshama’s work,” he says.

Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson testified: “Avi Fishoff saved and saved thousands of families from emotional ruin and devastation and brought countless youth back from the spiritual and physical abyss. He changed the paradigm for so many of us – we To teach not to confuse. pain with laziness or bad behavior and not asking what our children can do for us but what we can do for our children. He is one of the angels of our generation.”

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For 9 days last year, Avi Fishoff held his first fundraiser for his organization, Twisted Parenting. Baruch Hashem, Kalal Israel answered the call and over 4000 individual donors donated and a million dollars was raised. Every penny goes to help the parents and Kips (Kids in Pain) under Avi’s supervision.

Rabbi Simeon Russell says, “The Chazals teach us that “Hamatzil nefesh achas meisroel kilu kiyam olam mole”. He who saves a Jew must save the whole world. Is there any way to express enough support and thanks for the work that Avi is doing ?”

Every Neshama deserves love and support and must be able to recognize and feel its value.

Avi Fishoff Twisted Parenting

Today, you can help give parents the tools, education and resources to meet and restore the needs of their children in crisis.

Shaya (joshua) Hecht, Lcsw

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