Ature Moms Blog Green And Natural Parenting

Ature Moms Blog Green And Natural Parenting – The commander in the war of parents is a great mother – nature. No synthetic is soft enough for our precious package, the way our ancestors did things was romantic, and Mother Earth reigns supreme.

“If you’re on an island and you don’t have a mother-in-law, no psychologist, no doctor around, no experts, this is what you naturally and instinctively do to give your baby the best investment possible,” says the eminent attachment parent. Dr. William Sears in 2012. (In terms of the natural parenting movement, attachment parenting is king…or perhaps queen at best.)

Ature Moms Blog Green And Natural Parenting

Ature Moms Blog Green And Natural Parenting

With early roots in attachment theory, initially based on primate research and cultural observations in developing countries, those who follow natural upbringing make appeals to non-Western traditions broadly, whether those traditions are widely practiced or proven beneficial. Much of what people think of as “natural nurturing” isn’t really what nature “needs” or what natives have at all, but rather romantic versions of nature.

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Mothers giving birth in this century are often given a combination of drugs that relieve pain and cause amnesia, which is called a “twilight birth.” The newborn baby was handed over to a mother who had no male offspring. The method, later described as ushering in a “new era” of midwifery, is now considered misogynistic and paternalistic. But the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, with the hope that today’s women give birth no less condescendingly than a hundred years ago.

In almost all cultures, a healthy baby and a healthy mother are the most important outcomes of birth. Not necessarily so in the natural parenting movement. With biological parents, the “birth experience” reigns supreme, though whether it’s really about benefits to mother and baby or bragging rights is barely clear. Natural labor rules include avoiding induction to initiate contractions, but most importantly an epidural beforehand for pain relief.

“Women are inherently capable of childbirth, have deep intuitive instincts about birth, and, when supported and free to find comfort, can give birth without intervention and without suffering,” writes Judith Lothian in her book.

A publication of Lamaze International (most people don’t realize that Lamaze came from the communists, when the Soviet Union couldn’t afford the widespread use of painkillers).

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That the suffering of childbirth exists only in a woman’s head, unreal but a consequence of conditioning to our natural instincts, is a popular meme in the natural parenting community. It has no basis in reality or in reasonable society. When was the last time we asked someone to pass a kidney stone or endure a migraine without pain relief because it was “natural”?

Proponents of natural delivery argue that epidurals impede the mother’s ability to push and increase the dreaded risk of cesarean section. Although the possibility of a C-section may be associated with the use of an epidural, there is no evidence that the epidural itself is the cause. As Melinda Wenner Moyer explains in this comprehensive article on epidurals in

“Studies showing this effect were observational, reporting that women who chose an epidural were more likely to have a caesarean section than women who didn’t. But women who requested an epidural in this study tended to differ from those who didn’t.” Natural delivery: For example, they are more likely to have a difficult and painful labor – from carrying a large baby or those in an abnormal position, or because their labor was induced.”

Ature Moms Blog Green And Natural Parenting

In other words, if you’re having an epidural and a C-section, chances are that whatever’s causing increased pain that prompts you to call for help will require a C-section. And make no mistake, women who undergo caesarean section are not failures.

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The overarching message from the natural world of parenting to anyone who “fails” to avoid medical intervention during childbirth is dire:

News: Women are more than our bodies, our reproductive organs and our ability to tolerate unnecessary pain when modern medicine provides alternatives and most importantly, options. Remember, more babies and mothers died when Mother Earth had its way before the advent of modern obstetrics, during and in the days immediately following childbirth.

“Breasts are the best.” With the American Academy of Pediatrics and the WorldHealth Organization recommending exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, this mantra has been deeply ingrained in people’s psyche. Lower incidences of allergies, asthma and disease, as well as increased IQ and wages are all linked to breastfeeding, but is “liquid gold” high enough to justify the rampant embarrassment of mothers choosing not or not being able to breastfeed? Indeed, the pressure to breastfeed is so strong that some are even turning to risky and unregulated online breastfeeding-sharing groups or opting for homemade concoctions as a more natural alternative to store-bought formula, both of which are very disturbing to pediatricians and experts alike.

Despite studies showing benefits, breast milk is only marginally better than formula when you consider confounding factors. (It is important to note that this is only in developed countries, where we have access to safe drinking water for preparing infant formula.)

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Does breastfeeding produce better results? My breastfed children, for example, may end up with fewer health problems, better academic performance, or higher wages than the average formula-fed child. If that were the case, I would probably assume they grew up financially stable and with access to quality health care, with parents who didn’t smoke, had strong relationships and lived in the same household, and who read to them regularly. Would their life journey be different if they were formula-fed?

Studies comparing families with one child fed breast milk and one child fed formula help answer this question, because outside of breastfeeding, other factors remain largely the same within families. The authors of a 2014 Ohio State University study on siblings said that the benefits typically associated with breastfeeding itself “may be primarily due to selection pressures in infant feeding practices along with key demographic characteristics such as race and socioeconomic status.”

Commercially available infant formula is safe and nutritious for infants with access to clean drinking water, with the FDA carefully regulated to make it nearly identical to breast milk. Yet the natural parenting movement dictates that good mothers should breastfeed. “You are a mammal. You are built for lactate. When it fails, it is sad. When neglected, it is a parody against nature and human biology,” said one popular Aug. 28.

Ature Moms Blog Green And Natural Parenting

We are not our biology. The right to control our biology is a big part of what women have fought for and continue to demand.

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It is noteworthy that the most prominent international breastfeeding advocacy organization, La Leche League, was resolutely against mothers taking up work outside the home as recently as the 1980s. Even today, LLL calls on their local group leaders to assess women who work outside the home.

Breast milk is not only natural but also free, according to advocates of natural parenting. Not this one. As Mary Brock explains in

(to which I also contribute), “By saying that breast milk is free, you are underestimating the mother’s time, physical and mental costs, and the real financial costs of maintaining breastfeeding.” A 2012 study published in

Breastfeeding can of course be valuable, even if the benefits are overwhelming. The important thing is that a mother feels free to choose to invest her time and energy in breastfeeding or not without fear of being judged for whatever reason, whether she is a former breast cancer patient without milk ducts, experiences pain while breastfeeding, is sex. Attack the survivor, or he won’t.

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I’ve talked about this. In many ways, natural parenting and AP movement appeal to women’s most intrinsic physical attributes, often misrepresenting the way mammals give birth and raise their young. Take the placenta for example. Natural birth advocates swear by consuming filter organs after birth, touting benefits such as reduced incidence of postpartum depression, increased energy and increased lactation. Natural parenting businesses are cashing in on the trend with placenta encapsulation services, while other new moms sip on a smoothie or placenta smoothie, or even munch on a piece immediately after delivery.

Proponents argue that placentophagy is natural as most mammals do. This is true, but this is largely because most mammals in the wild are unable to devote energy to obtaining food after birth and to repelling predators from their smell. There are very few human cultures, contemporary or earlier, that use this organ as an exercise. Nor is there any benefit to practice in humans.

But these facts don’t stop advocates of natural parenting from, perhaps inadvertently, demeaning women. Mothers don’t need actual medicine when they have a placenta to eat, as nature intended.

Ature Moms Blog Green And Natural Parenting

Or consider sleeping together. Proponents of natural parenting insist that mammals have slept snuggled up with their young for millions of years, and therefore human mothers should too. Renowned advocate for biological parents, Maim Bialik, appeals to our mammalian instincts in an advocate sleeping with her. “Nature designed it so that mammalian mothers would leave everything behind to care for their crying babies. Any sleep training or sleep modification regimen that involves your baby crying and you don’t tend to do so goes against your natural mammalian wires,” he wrote.

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Two things, May: 1- My kids have been sleeping in their own room since they were a few months old and they are fine and 2- I

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