Atomic Habits Parenting

Atomic Habits Parenting – One of my favorite self-improvement books to read this year was Atomic Habits by James Clear. While the entire book was inspiring, these atomic habit quotes inspired me to create better habits. The quotes in this book made me think and changed my perspective on the goals and methods of habit formation.

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Atomic Habits Parenting

Atomic Habits Parenting

Atomic Habits teaches you how to set realistic goals that you can achieve, and helps you realize that it’s really about the small improvements you make every day, not the ultimate goal. That 1% of gold is self-improvement.

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Improving your daily behavior by 1% per day can have a huge impact over months and years. He compares his habits to growing bamboo. Bamboo grows underground for a long time before it grows in the air.

James Clear says that most people focus on changing habits to achieve personality-based goals (such as who you want to be) rather than outcome-based goals (such as what you can achieve).

This will help you move forward in choosing the habits you want to work on so you can succeed in working on that habit.

I plan to teach my children what I have learned about atomic habits. We are currently working on New Year’s resolutions, check out my post on how to help your kids make New Year’s resolutions for kids.

Life Changing Tips From Atomic Habits

Building good habits is a never-ending process. This is what you are actively trying to do. One of my favorite times to work on building habits is the beginning of a new year. This is usually when I reflect on the past year and set goals for the new year.

Being a mother of 4 children makes my day really full. A lot of my stuff is on autopilot. But there are certain areas where I want to be better. I needed suggestions that took the least amount of time, but gave me a great sense of inner reward. At the end of this blog post, I’ll talk more about the habits I focused on.

An easy and proven way to form good habits and break bad habits. This book is full of self-improvement strategies to help you change your habits.

Atomic Habits Parenting

When you fall in love with the process instead of the product, you don’t have to wait to give yourself permission to be happy. You can be satisfied when the system is working.

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If you want to change your behavior, you can simply ask yourself: How can I show it? How can I make it more attractive? How can this be made easier? How can I satisfy him?’ James Clear – Atomic Habits

“All great things come from small beginnings. The seed of every habit is a small decision. But by repeating this decision, the habit grows and becomes stronger. Roots become stronger and branches grow. The task of getting rid of a bad habit is like uprooting a strong oak within us. And the work of forming a good habit is like growing a delicate flower. – James Clare, Atomic Habits James Clare, Atomic Habits

“You don’t have to be a victim of your environment. You can be its architect.” – James Clear, Atomic Habits

The task of forming a good habit is like growing a delicate flower in a day.

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Now that you’re inspired by the best quotes about atomic habits, I’d like to share some of the habits I’ve been working on.

Some of the habits I’m working on are: Connecting with each of my children through 5-10 minutes of independent review each day.

I can achieve this by reading books with them, drinking tea with them. Give them a little hand massage, etc.

Atomic Habits Parenting

As I get older, my memory fades faster. Just as I want to remember the little things in my day when I’m old (and maybe even next year), I want to remember the little happy moments of my life.

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I dread taking my vitamins. I get the basic necessities. But I want to improve by adding zinc, vitamin D, iron and omega!

My health is important, and while exercising twice a week may not seem like much, the last thing I want to spend time on in my busy schedule is working out. But I know it’s important. Set achievable goals, says James Clear. 2 times a week seems attainable for me and most importantly… every workout counts. I can take my baby for a walk, which keeps me active. As I get better at this habit, I become stricter about my exercise choices.

My version of self-care is to do something for myself with my body. I like to spend a few minutes on skin care (face wash, serum, and moisturizer) as well as hair care. My goal is to thank my body for everything it has done and continues to do for me. After my experience with Hyperemesis Gravidarum during pregnancy, my body needs care.

Here’s a picture of how to start controlling your habit on January 15, 2020. Since I am already studying, I mentioned those dates. Since I started the habit tracker on the 13th, this is how I set my goals for the next month.

Atomic Habits By James Clear

I first started in journalism. Once I was able to do this more often, I added other goals like reading, keeping track of medication, keeping up with yoga, and exercising.

I enjoyed reading Atomic Habits and highly recommend it! It gave me steps I could take to change little things in the day to feel more accomplished. I keep these atomic quotes on my phone so I can refer to them when I need motivation.

Atomic Habits by James Clear is a book you’ll want to read at least twice (a year or two apart) to help you think and live in a growth mindset. I first read this book in 2020 and read it again in 2021 to give myself a much needed reminder.

Atomic Habits Parenting

This book reminded me of how I felt when I delved into Jane Nelson’s parenting book, Positive Discipline. However, I would say that atomic routines are much faster to learn and easier to use.

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The Atomic Habits audiobook is 5 hours and 35 minutes long. You can speed it up by increasing the reading speed.

Atom is a scientific term for a small unit of size. It is the smallest part of anything and is used in science to break down elements into their most basic parts. It’s about identifying what’s important, figuring out where the core issues are, and then deconstructing what can be rebuilt from there. Claire says that small improvements in habits are the most important behaviors you can learn, which is why she called her book Atomic Habits.

Have you read Atomic Habits by James Clear? Did it help you develop certain habits?

Nadia is a mother of 4 who is passionate about making preschool education fun through play. She encourages parents to spend quality time with their children through fun activities and enjoys art, travel and activities with their children.

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Atomic Habits Parenting

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The Power Of Atomic Habits

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