Arm Chair Parenting

Arm Chair Parenting – There are things about your parents that you never knew you didn’t know. Like I never knew my mom was lactose intolerant until I was a teenager and I never knew my dad’s waistline until I bought him a pair of khakis from Sweden.

Last month, we were at my mother’s when she suddenly said: “Did you know that your father has a lifelong ambition? The dream thing he always wanted?” Curious, I asked him what it was. The answer was one I never thought of – “massage chairs”.

Arm Chair Parenting

Arm Chair Parenting

In my heart, I was determined that I would save up and one day make that dream come true. Not now because, well, I need diapers and formula ASAP. So, by accident or coincidence, when OSIM offered to send uAngel for review, I was more than happy and I knew my parents would be too.

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OSIM uAngel is a stylish dual-function chair that transforms into a full-body massage chair at the touch of a button. I was initially worried about the space required for a massage chair because normally, it would be big and take up a lot of space, which our three-room HDB flat can’t afford. To my surprise, as the world’s first sofa-transformer chair, uAngel is not only beautiful but also slim, making it perfect for cozy homes with limited space.

It doubles as a living room sofa with an innovative backrest and footrest that can be retracted to provide 34% more living space, making it attractive as a space saver. With this versatility, we can enjoy many pleasures in life when we use it as an armchair. From young to old, uAngel meets all our needs in a chair, not to mention that it comes in comfortable and attractive brushed metal upholstery.

OSIM uAngel offers a series of professionally designed massage programs including 1) Lumbar, 2) De-Stress, 3) Relax, 4) Energy and 5) Neck and Shoulders. From pampering to stimulating, low to high, short to wide coverage, it lets you stimulate or relax your body as you wish. For example, my mom likes to use neck and shoulders after doing housework while my dad can use De-Stress to help him mentally relax after a hard day’s work.

If you want, you can also customize your session and enjoy a selection of kneading, rolling, tapping or both massages. Additionally, the shoulder position can be adjusted according to height to ensure an optimized and precise massage. For those who love a high-intensity foot massage, you’ll be happy to know that the uAngel comes with an intense squeeze-and-bandage action, roller reflexology and vibration to help loosen foot muscles. They never fail to shout at my mom!

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In armchair mode, it measures 70 cm (width) and 86 cm (depth) and when fully folded it measures 70 cm (width) and 143 cm (depth). Yes, compact is definitely the word to describe it.

There are five colors to match different home interiors, such as Stellar Red, Celestial White, Mystic Grey, Cosmic Blue and Enchanting Green.

When I see my parents calm and content, it warms my heart to know that they are at a stage in life where they can sit back and enjoy every minute. If you are considering what to buy for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day and you have some extra money, I think OSIM uAngel is the best choice.

Arm Chair Parenting

Like me, when I have a rare moment of peace, I want to embrace myself by the wonders of this massage angel in disguise. Yes, I am a mother.

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OSIM uAngel has a special introductory price of S$1, 988 (regular price S$2, 688) and is available now at all OSIM stores, road shows and online at

This Mother’s Day, give them the gift of aching feet and win yourself or your mom an OSIM uPhoria – the world’s first Tui-Na Foot Massager worth S$798!

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* Euphoria will be awarded to one of the winning blogger’s voters. Although anyone can vote, please note that the giveaway is open to Singapore residents only.

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P/S: Mother’s Day is going to be so sweet this year with all the angels in my life. Here’s wishing all moms an early Happy Mother’s Day and always have a great stay!

Disclosure: I received OSIM uAngel for a trial period to write this review. No financial compensation was received and all opinions are my own. Some of the “problems” parents may have when dealing with young children are that they find it difficult to do homework (or anything else) with a young child awake. Sometimes the little one may insist on being carried and it will be impossible to complete what you need to do. It can definitely be stressful. And even if one decides to do household chores while the little one sleeps, one may feel uncomfortable leaving the baby out of sight, especially if there are other small children around. You never know what mischief little kids can get up to!

We have never used any kind of infant seat even though we already have five children, except for the high infant seat that became useless shortly after we got our blessing because it was not flexible, as well as not suitable for an infant. So I’m going to be honest here that a maternity center is not a necessity or a must, because we’ve been keeping the baby in a comfortable place this whole time. After all, parents everywhere have been improving and parenting using common household items for the longest time. But in hindsight, we are lucky that nothing happened.

Arm Chair Parenting

It comes in a box already assembled like this, under the hood and a food tray not shown here.

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Leroy was there when I took the BEDi out of the cardboard box and the first thing out of his mouth was, “Wow, why are you buying another pram?”. It sure looked like one, even to me! Everything came together perfectly, except for the ceiling which I was able to adjust without needing to refer to the instruction manual, so I can safely say that it will be hassle-free for anyone just starting to use it. I just need to know which knobs to adjust it for different positions.

With the umbrella cover, you can block indoor or outdoor UV and adjust it to the perfect darkness for your baby anytime, anywhere, so that baby can rest well!

It can go as low as possible, and you can rock the baby even while sitting on the floor.

When I first ran my fingers through the material, it felt soft and comfortable, unlike the high chairs we had before. However, I was also concerned about how easy it would be to clean up any messes that kids are known to make. Spilled all the milk, urine and what! Thankfully all covers and cushions are easily removable and machine washable, leaving a plastic body that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

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BEDI is intended for children up to 4 years For young children, the restraints can be completely reduced and will work like hospital equipment for children And when the baby grows and begins to gain more energy and desire for the day, you can raise the backrest to a higher position so that the baby can look at you even while sitting comfortably. Although the backrest can be fully adjusted vertically for older children like my Louis, I doubt many children can sit still or long in the chair, or any chair for that matter. Most of the time, maybe only when they are eating and that’s when the tray comes in handy.

Louis could even fit in the BEDi which gave him a comfortable seat for lunch!

BEDi is specially designed for parents to watch the child while they go about their daily activities. It certainly looks secure with its 5-point harness system, but a child should never be left unattended in it or out of sight. So the 4 swivel wheels come in handy, allowing one to push the chair where needed. I tried moving it around the house, and without a baby and the movement is still smooth. Once you’ve got it where you need it, you just have to remember to lock the legs into the seat and you’re all set.

Arm Chair Parenting

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