4 Ways to Boost Your Motivation Through the Summer Doldrums –

4 Ways to Boost Your Motivation Through the Summer Doldrums -

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer sure feel appealing if you’ve got time to rest and veg out on the couch (or, ideally, a beach chair in the Maldives). 

But what happens if the upcoming summer season doesn’t hold much to look forward to? Well, in that case, you might find yourself feeling a tad unmotivated. And that’s perfectly fine (and understandable).

Fortunately, you can still make the most of the summer doldrums and stay motivated to make positive (and memorable) changes in your personal or professional life. Here’s how to do it this year.

Take Advantage of the Earlier Sunrise & Get Some (Safe) Sun Exposure

Fall and winter are great for cozying up under a heavy blanket and chilling in front of the fireplace (or with a hot cup of tea and your favorite novel). But in the summer, staying in might feel like missing out on something.

So, instead of allowing yourself to get a tad too lazy, why not make the most of the early sunrise and the long days? 

According to research, getting sunlight exposure could be the key to getting some impressive mood-lifting benefits. Moreover, the warm weather makes it much more comfortable to go outside, so you could take this opportunity to up your daily step count or finally start cycling to work, which is an excellent way to use exercise as a motivation-enhancing strategy.

Tackle a DIY Project

Can’t find it in you to feel excited about the summer? In that case, you might need to construct a bit of external motivation to keep you active during the doldrums. Tackling a DIY project could be the motivational push you need this year.

DIY is an excellent way to express yourself (and feel accomplished after finishing your project of choice). So why not plan an exciting undertaking for this summer? 

For example, redecorating your bedroom with a fresh coat of paint, new blackout curtains, a few plants or unique decorations can make a huge difference. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try one of the newer sleeping options, such as a natural fiberglass free mattress. These can be easy projects you can do on your own. But you can rest assured that the result won’t just involve a feeling of pride at what you’ve accomplished but some genuine improvements to a space you spend one-third of your life in.

Plan a Fun Vacation or a Quiet Getaway

Daydreaming about getting away can be hugely motivating. But if you can turn your dreams into reality, you can rest assured that the result will be a happy, refreshed, and relaxed you.

So, if you’re looking for something to keep you going through the warm months, consider planning a vacation. And remember, two weeks in Rome might be ideal. But you can get the same stress-relieving, motivation-enhancing benefits from a short weekend getaway or even a staycation. So don’t be afraid to make the max of the nice weather and use it to rest and recharge.

Use Your Free Time to Start on Those Career Goals

Lastly, if you’re searching for something to keep you going this summer, consider whether the quiet months when everyone is away could be the perfect opportunity to focus on your career.

If you know you’ll have more time to yourself this season, use those extra hours to do something you’ve been putting off. A language course could be the key to getting that promotion. Or you might use the internet to finally build those sought-after skills that could help land your dream job. You might even decide to use the time off to do some networking — even if it’s only by finally updating your LinkedIn profile.

In Closing

There are dozens of ways to boost your motivation levels. Especially when the sunshine and temperature work alongside you (instead of against you).

However, if you find yourself feeling underwhelmed about another hot and clammy summer, find opportunities to change up your routine and give yourself a jolt of excitement. Yes, there might be some procrastination involved in the first few weeks — especially if you’ve chosen to tackle a big self-improvement project. But rest assured that putting in the work will start delivering results, which are guaranteed to keep you inspired for the rest of the season (and maybe even beyond).

This guest post was authored by Sarah Kaminski

Sarah Kaminski is a life enjoyer, positivity seeker, and a curiosity enthusiast. She is passionate about an eco-friendly lifestyle and adores her cats. She is an avid reader who loves to travel when time allows.


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